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snorkeling Belize, Central America

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The latest news from the field, and from our company

Island Expeditions Blog: Notes from the Field


The latest news from the field, and from our company

Sparks the baby Tapir needs your support
The Belize Zoo critters need YOU

The Belize Zoo (The Best Little Zoo In The World) needs YOUR help! 

group cheer paddle board during sunset
Traveling should not break the bank

Top tips to save money on your next holiday trip

We believe that traveling shouldn’t break the bank,  as people are sta

Family at Glover's Reef Basecamp playing with drone
What is the best vacation to take with the whole family?  

Call the grandkids we are going on Vacation!

After two years of the pandemic, families are ready to travel

Belize Independence Day Parade
Belize Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Belize is turning 41 

“Wave fi wi rag, Wave fi wi flag”! It’s time to celebrate in Belize! 

Belize December celebrations
Countdown to Christmas Begins

Your Culture Guide for the Holidays in Belize

It’s only September, and you may be thinking: “Christmas, What nonsense is this?”

Airplane southwest airlines to Belize
Flights to Belize 2022-2023

It’s getting easier and cheaper to travel to Belize in 2022-2023!

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