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Create the experiences you want with a customized itinerary

Create the experiences you want with a customized itinerary

Bring Your Family, Come with Friends

Bring your family and friends together for a trip to talk of and remember for years to come. At Island Expeditions we’ll bring together all our resources and decades of experience in Belize to create with you a one-of-a-kind lifetime adventure.

Welcome to Our Classroom

This school has fish and coral reefs, ancient Mayan cities, ceremonial caves and lush rainforests.  Belize with a remarkable abundance of  biology, diverse cultures, ease of international  travel and with English widely spoken throughout the country (a British Colony until 1981) Belize is a top destination for educational and experiential travel.

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Marine Basecamps, Small Lodges and Homestays

Our basecamp facilities on Glover’s Reef or Lighthouse Reef Atoll are situated within protected marine reserves and are superb locations for field studies programs. Our guides, facilities and equipment can accommodate just about any learning outcome and we partner with local NGOs, fishermen and scientists to add to your learning outcomes.

On the Barrier Reef, within the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve we can base from small lodges or experience a unique homestay program on a family owned island located in the Blue Ground Range of the Southern Barrier Reef.

Inland Culture, History and Biology

Go deep or expose students to the widest range of experiences.  Small country, big diversity. Belize has a remarkable diversity of culture and geography packed into a small area and with over 30 years of experience we know how to bring you to the right places at the right times with the most experienced guides and educators in Belize  to create an exceptional learning experience for your group or school.

Safety and Service

Our first priority is your safety and comfort. Your trip is supported by an in-country operations team that is available 24 hours a day throughout the duration of your program. Guides and trip leaders are trained and familiar with Emergency Action Plans for each location we operate and are certified in First Aid.

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