Delicious Meals

Wherever we are - on the sea or in the jungle -you can expect a delicious assortment of seafood, grilled meats local dishes, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and fresh baking.

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On sea kayaking adventures, both Belizean and international cuisine is prepared by your guides and our cooks. Many of our main courses such as lobster (in season), conch and many varieties of fish are gathered fresh from the sea each day. On lodge-based tours, we enjoy picnic lunches while in the field and specially prepared meals at lodges and local restaurants. Meals, while camping in the rainforest, are ample and nutritious but are usually more simple fare than our basecamp and lodge based sea kayak and snorkel trips due to size and weight limitations of what we can carry with us on the river.

Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements. We have experience with vegetarian, allergy specific and gluten-free diets. We pride ourselves on serving wholesome, fresh ingredients,  however if you have specific dietary requirements we will make sure to discuss with you before your trip.

Delicious Meals on our trips