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The country's inland region is etched with many rivers, waterways and lagoons

The country's inland region is etched with many rivers, waterways and lagoons

Belize, also has significant areas of undisturbed wetlands, Caribbean pine forests and rainforests, all of which provide ideal habitat for healthy and diverse populations of wildlife.   With over 35% of the landmass under some form of conservation protection, Belize surpasses all other countries in Central America for protected lands

Belize's renowned Cockscomb Basin covers over 100,000 acres of jungles, mountains and rivers and is the world's only jaguar reserve.The Cockscomb Basin is situated in south central Belize on the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains, which rise to a height of 3,600 feet. The spectacular Cockscomb Basin reserve is also the location of several Mayan ruins. Throughout Belize,  from deep in the jungle and even in the heart of modern day towns one can find remains of the thousands year old civilization of the Mayans. 

Great archaeological sites to visit include the ruins of ancient Mayan cities such as Lamanai, located to the northwest of Belize City, and Altun Ha, situated 31 miles north of Belize City. Other sites of interest to mark on your Belize map would be the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave system, Xunantunich and the ruined city of Lubaantun.

Of course, it's easy to see on any Belizean map that the country also has a long stretch of coastline along the Caribbean Sea, with a distinctive offshore barrier reef and hundreds of small islands or cayes. Belize has always been known for its  spectacular corals and abundant marine life, many people are not aware that there are no coral reefs directly off the coast of the mainland, one has to travel east of the mainland to the barrier reef or the atolls to find the turquoise clear waters and abundant coral reefs.  Not surprisingly, the Belize Barrier Reef is a choice destination for those interested in snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and scuba diving.

You may also notice distinct island groups further east from the main barrier reef, these are  coral atolls rising out of the deeper waters and are home to bountiful coral reefs, stunning scenery and a truly incredible diversity of marine life, these atolls are also premier destinations for snorkelers and divers and those who simply wish to take in the scenery and amazingly clear waters of these world-famous atolls.

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