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Know Your Travel Style

Below are some different travel styles which help define what type of trips we offer

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Flexible Adventure

The most choices, on the ground, as to how your day will roll. For when “relax” means a book and a hammock and a stroll on the beach to you, and a four hour snorkel for your companion. Locations are chosen to allow maximum flexibility. 

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Active Adventure

Movement makes adventure flow. These trips tend to be more active and can be more physically challenging. Incorporates a self powered ‘journey’ travelling between locations by sea kayak, SUP or inflatable river kayak. 

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Wellness / Transformational Trips

Change the scenery, invite a mood shift. When you’ve tapped the reserves dry, these trips are designed with baked-in time-out moments, yoga, massage, so your vacation is more than a list of experiences, but also a transformational retreat.  

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Family Travel

The glue is in what you do.  Gather your tribe around you. Mixed generations enjoy the camaraderie of island life, unplugged from traffic, schedules and screens. Send the young’uns off for chaperoned adventures, or explore the world together. Family-style meals, star-gazing, card games and conversation enable true R&R for all members of the  crew. Kid-friendly, grandparent-friendly.We take care of the cooking. Win-win-win! 

Solo Travel

Fun is the best ice-breaker of all. Small group sizes ensure that no one disappears in the crowd. These journeys promise camaraderie, laughs and lasting friendship, the shared reward of working together to reach a destination. 

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Cultural Immersion

Expand your horizons, shrink the world. A key element in all of our trips is gaining a unique and meaningful connection with the people and cultures of Belize. These trips travel you into villages and communities where you can soak in the everyday life of Belize. 

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Do It Yourself

Set your own agenda. Ideal places to stay for independent adventurers, who don’t need a guide, and are at ease waking up in a funky place with no fixed mission for the day. 

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