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The latest news from the field, and from our company

Island Expeditions Blog: Notes from the Field


The latest news from the field, and from our company

Belize December celebrations
Countdown to Christmas Begins

Your Culture Guide for the Holidays in Belize

It’s only September, and you may be thinking: “Christmas, What nonsense is this?”

Airplane southwest airlines to Belize
Flights to Belize 2022-2023

It’s getting easier and cheaper to travel to Belize in 2022-2023!

St George's Cay Day Parade celebration
St George's Caye Day

St George’s Caye Day

A celebration for all Belizeans countrywide

Scuba Diving in Belize
Diving in Belize 2022

Belize was recently awarded The Leading Dive Destination 2022 i

Belize Carnival colorful costumes
Belize Carnival

Belize's September Celebrations starts off with Carnival

September is an active month of Celebration, and it all starts with Belize’s Carnival, a traditional festivity which includes masquerade competi

Reading a book in Belize in a hammock
The Case for Traveling Solo

People balk at the idea of solo travel, and for good reason. Heading off on your own into the great unknown can be downright scary.

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