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The most Instagram-worthy spots in Belize

Do it for the gram!

The most Instagram-worthy spots in Belize

Do it for the gram!

Belize most instagrammable  spots

The most (one-of-a-kind)  Instagram-worthy spots in Belize
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Rio Frio Pools and Cave 
Located in the picturesque Mountain Pine Ridge area of western Belize, these captivating caves offer the perfect escape, especially during hot days. 

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Antelope Falls at Bocawina Mayflower National Park🌿

Located within Mayflower Bocawina National Park, this hike is not for the faint of heart, but the reward is beyond words. 🌊 Starting behind the park visitor center, you'll venture 100 yards in, passing the impressive Maintzunun Mayan Temple Ruins dating back to A.D. 800.

The journey culminates at an emerald pool beneath a stunning waterfall, making every drop of sweat worth it. The trail covers 550 feet of ascent over 1.1 miles each way. While the first part is relatively gentle, the second half is a thrilling adventure, with steep and slippery terrain where you'll rely on tree roots and ropes for support. 🌳💦


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The Great Blue Hole  🤿🐠

Located just 100 kilometers off the coast of Belize, this underwater sinkhole is a marvel of nature. 🌏💙

Circular and boasting its iconic deep blue hue, it stretches over 300 meters across and plunges 125 meters deep. Nestled at the heart of Lighthouse Reef atoll, it's surrounded by a coral island that embraces the shallow, crystal-clear lagoon waters. During low tide, you can even witness parts of the ring emerging above the surface. 🏝️

This natural wonder's origins date back to the last glacial period when it was a limestone cave beneath the ancient sea level.  


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San Ignacio Farmers Market 🥭🥑🌮

Located alongside the Macal River, this bustling market offers a unique glimpse into everyday Belizean life. 🌿

Here, farmers, traders, and vendors from diverse backgrounds come together to showcase their goods. You'll hear a symphony of languages, from German to English, Spanish, Creole, and Mayan, as Mennonite farmers and indigenous craftsmen offer everything from delectable local fruits and veggies to medicinal herbs and handcrafted clothing. Make sure you try the amazing street tacos and fresh fruit!

After a market adventure, indulge in more shopping or savor a coffee in town, immersing yourself in local culture and snagging souvenirs, handicrafts, and mouthwatering local delicacies.

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Xunantunich Mayan temples 🐦

Perched atop a ridge overlooking the majestic Mopan River, this ancient wonder awaits, just 80 miles west of Belize City in the Cayo District. 🌄

To reach this archaeological gem, you'll embark on a short yet fascinating journey: a 50-60-foot ride on a hand-cranked ferry across the river. Xunantunich sits merely one kilometer east of the Guatemalan border, where history comes to life.

Explore the heart of this ancient city, spanning one square mile, boasting six plazas, numerous palaces and temples, pok ta pok ball courts, and countless mounds still waiting to reveal their secrets, all crafted from limestone rock from the ridge it calls home.

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Caracol Mayan Temples 🐒

Located just 25 miles south of the charming town of San Ignacio, nestled in the foothills of the Maya Mountains within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. 🌿 Caracol's central core boasts three plaza groups, a central acropolis, two ball courts, and an array of smaller structures. 

The true star of Caracol is 'Caana' or 'Sky Place,' a colossal pyramid soaring over 140 feet above the lush jungle floor, claiming the title of Belize's tallest manmade structure. With over 100 tombs and a treasure trove of hieroglyphic inscriptions, this site is a historical treasure trove. 

Spanning nearly 25,000 acres, Caracol captivates not just with its size but also with its intricate agricultural field system and meticulous city planning. Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty and history of Caracol, one of Belize's best-preserved Maya sites.

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Waterfall Rappelling at Mayflower Bocawina National Park 💦

Located in the captivating Stann Creek area, Mayflower Bocawina National Park is home to two of Belize's most breathtaking waterfalls. Just an hour's drive south of Belmopan City, you'll be greeted by stunning mountain vistas, river valleys, and pristine streams.

But this is more than just a rappelling adventure; it's an immersive rainforest experience where you'll use your entire body to hike, climb, stretch, and control your body weight. The experienced and friendly guides ensure your safety while sharing valuable rappelling and down-climbing techniques. 🌿🧗‍♂️

For Newbies: The beginner's waterfall stands at approximately 150 feet, suitable for all ages, even children. In some cases, younger kids can rappel with a guide, and no prior experience is needed.  🌄

For Thrill-Seekers: The larger waterfall awaits with a 1-hour uphill hike, rewarding you with a breathtaking view as you peer into the depths of a massive tropical waterfall. Fitness is key here, with a minimum weight requirement of 100, this is definitely an adventure not for the faint of heart. Choose to rappel through the gushing falls or on the edge for a thrilling descent. 💪💧


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Barton Creek Cave  🚣‍♂️

Located in the enchanting Mountain Pine Ridge area of Belize, this captivating wet cave stretches over 2 miles and holds a treasure trove of Maya artifacts, from ceramics and figurines to haunting human skeletons. 💀🏺🔍

The cave's mystical allure continues with its breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites, which have been forming for millennia. Explore this hidden gem either by a serene canoe ride or an adventurous walk through its chambers. 🚣‍♂️🥾

But the adventure begins even before you enter the cave, as the journey here promises excitement and anticipation. 🚗🌿


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Lamanai Mayan Temples 🐊

Named after the 'submerged crocodile,' Lamanai stands as one of the oldest and continuously inhabited archaeological marvels in the Maya World. This historic site proudly retains its original name, preserving the echoes of ancient civilization.

Spanning approximately 860 acres of lush rainforest, Lamanai is the second-largest archaeological site in Belize. Most of its terrain remains untouched, with trails leading you over pyramids concealed beneath the rainforest canopy, serenaded by the distant roars of howler monkeys. 🌳🐒

Located along the west bank of the New River Lagoon, Lamanai's journey often begins with a water taxi ride from Orange Walk or the Tower Hill Toll Bridge. Expect a 4-hour adventure, with half the time spent on the river in open-sided boats, surrounded by the tropical rainforest. Embrace the wet and wild experience! 💦🚣‍♂️

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HalfMoon Caye National Reserve 🏝️🌊

Nestled at the southeast corner of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, this pristine island is a true natural wonder of Belize. 🇧🇿

Half Moon Caye holds a unique distinction as the first nature reserve established in Belize under the National Park Systems Act in 1981, marking it as Central America's inaugural marine protected area. 🌿 However, its legacy of wildlife preservation dates even further back, with roots tracing to 1924 when it was designated a bird sanctuary to safeguard the habitat of the captivating red-footed booby birds. 🦜

Today, Half Moon Caye Natural Monument plays a crucial role as part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site. This UNESCO-designated site, established in 1996, underscores the global significance of Belize's marine protected areas, showcasing the remarkable biodiversity of the Belize Barrier Reef and its adjacent atolls. 🌏🦑



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Maintzunun "Guardian of the Jungle" Mural 🌿

Located within the enchanting Bocawina Rainforest Resort in the heart of Mayflower Bocawina National Park, these attractions are a must-see. 🌳🗺️

Known as "The Mayan Guardian of the Jungle", this artistic masterpiece is a heartfelt gift to all visitors, celebrating the heritage of Mayflower Bocawina National Park. 

🎨 Created by the incredibly talented street artist, "Guri," known for his captivating visual storytelling, this mural is an ode to mythology, history, and a powerful call to action on social and ecological issues. Get ready for an immersive cultural experience like no other! 🌟🌿

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Belize Cultural Experience ✨ 🌮🍫

Prepare to be captivated by the incredible diversity of Belize's population, where up to 8 major ethnic groups harmoniously coexist in this Central American gem with a population of around 320,000. 🇧🇿 From the ancient Maya descendants to Afro-Caribbean, Latin, and East Indian communities, each district in Belize offers a unique cultural tapestry waiting to be explored. 🗺️

Here are 4 of the best ways to immerse yourself in Belize's rich flavors during your visit:

1️⃣ Maya Tortilla and Tamales Making: Step into the world of the Maya culture as you learn the art of crafting traditional tortillas and tamales. 🌽🍽️

2️⃣ Garifuna Food and Dance: Get your groove on and savor the delightful Garifuna cuisine while experiencing the vibrant rhythms of their dance. 🕺🍛

3️⃣ Mestizo Taco Making: Dive into the world of the Mestizo community by crafting mouthwatering tacos, a beloved culinary tradition. 🌮🤤

4️⃣ Mayan Chocolate Making: Explore the secrets of ancient Mayan chocolate production, a sensory journey through time and taste. 🍫🍃

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Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary🌿🐦

Located just 40 minutes northwest of bustling Belize City and a stone's throw away from the majestic Altun Ha Mayan Ruins, this 36,000-plus acre sanctuary is a haven of wetlands, lagoons, savannas, and lush brush, home to 1,400 residents and a dazzling array of 300+ bird species. Tucked between the Altun Ha and Lamanai Mayan Ruins, Crooked Tree's isolation, and absence of connecting roads, make it a hidden paradise for those in the know. 🚗🌄

Designated as a Ramsar site in 1998, this sanctuary enjoys protections akin to UNESCO World Heritage sites, preserving its pristine landscape and incredible biodiversity. Here, nature reigns supreme! 🌏🦩

World-Class Birding: Even non-birders like me couldn't resist the allure of Crooked Tree's avian wonders. Don't forget your binoculars and a birding book, as this sanctuary is sure to ignite your passion for birdwatching! 🦜🦆


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Placencia Sidewalk 🌴🚶‍♂️

Their sidewalk is 4,071 feet long and 4 feet wide. Take a fun stroll along the pedestrian-only ‘Placencia Sidewalk’ and discover a myriad of local artists, small eateries, and eclectic shops. The 


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Hopkins Big Dock Ceviche Bar 🌅

Picture yourself on the ingenious two-story over-the-water ceviche and cocktail bar, where the menu constantly evolves with delectable Caribbean and Central American small bites. With the open-air setting, it's the perfect spot for a leisurely aperitivo. 🍽️

An expansive 360-degree view of the Caribbean Sea unfolds at the end of the wooden pier. On the first floor, you'll find an all-hammock-floor netting, inviting you to relax, sway, and savor the moment. The second floor houses the bar, where you can choose from hyper-fresh ceviche, local beers, or rum cocktails. 🌊🍻


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Tobacco Caye colorful over-water bungalows 🌴🌈

These cabanas are a colorful rainbow of delight, painting your stay with vibrant hues of paradise. 🌈🏡  All cabanas face north, offering breathtaking views of the Belize Barrier Reef, with decks that extend over turquoise waters, complete with hammocks for ultimate relaxation. 🏝️🌊

For budget-conscious travelers exploring the world, we offer clean, comfortable, and delightfully rustic accommodations. Each cabana features a private bathroom and refreshing rainwater-fed showers. 💧🚿

While the island operates off the grid, fear not! This location harnesses the power of nature, collecting rainwater and generating electricity through solar (and generators when needed). Plus, they've got you covered with Wi-Fi access on the island. 🌞🌍

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