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Island Expeditions: Snorkeling in Belize

Belize is renowned for having the richest coral reefs in the entire Caribbean - miles upon miles of shallow protected waters with thousands of patch reefs, ideal for first-time snorkelers

Undersea walls, spur and groove coral formations and deep water channels provide lots of challenge and excitement for experienced snorkelers. Initially, we enter the water from a beach but as our skill level increases we learn to enter and exit the water from our kayaks enabling you to experience longer and deeper dives, wall dives as well as spectacular drift snorkels as you float alongside an unexplored coral reef with the bowline of your kayak in hand. Often a highlight of the snorkeling experience is joining your Belizean guide as they use their remarkable skills to hunt for lobster, conch and fish amongst the coral reefs. Of course an added benefit is our evening feast of fresh caught seafood cooked up over an open fire on a deserted Caribbean island! 

On our sea kayak trips we take you to the most pristine snorkeling areas where we are able to explore reefs and islands where few other people have been. We are not only sightseeing in this underwater paradise, with marine biologists, naturalists and Belizean fishermen as your guides, you are able to learn a great deal about the corals and marine life you see while snorkeling. Around camp in the mornings and evenings your guides will teach you their knowledge of the incredible life that exists beneath the tropical seas.  

Belize trips that involve snorkeling include the following:  

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