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Island Expeditions: Belize Ecology and Marine Biology

The abundance of flora and fauna found in Belize is startling

There is much to learn, and much to know about this strange and wonderful world. The tropical world of Central America is certainly a foreign environment, but learning and exploring with local guides that have a lifetime experience living and working in the environment, combined with Belize Marine Naturalists make a huge difference in interpreting and understanding the world around you. It is the marrying of these elements that often sets Island Expeditions trips apart from the rest. Whether you are paddling a remote rainforest river, or sea kayaking a patch reef 40 miles from the mainland, we will lead and teach you about this amazing part of the world. 

Trips that include the talks on Belize ecology, and natural history interpretation, which are pretty much all of our trips, are as follows: 

Belize trips that include Belize marine biology are as follows: