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Your Belize Trip Experience

We'll teach you the skills to become proficient in paddling, sailing and snorkeling from your sea kayak, your guides are masters of the water and will work with you to develop advanced snorkel and free-diving skills

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We can tune your eye to read whitewater and teach you the techniques to navigate your inflatable through rapids, we'll demonstrate map reading skills, how to set compass bearings, kayak rescue and the basics of saltwater fly fishing. Your guides bring a wealth of knowledge and skills and are eager to share their knowledge, skills and heritage.   

Being observant and learning about life around us is an important part of travel with Island Expeditions. One of the most exciting aspects of adventure travel is learning and we recognize that when we provide in-depth knowledge about the environments and cultures we explore, your experience is greatly enriched. On the sea our guides are far and away the most experienced and knowledgeable in Belize. Belize trip leaders of Maya, Creole, and Garifuna origin bring special skills and knowledge of the areas we are traveling.  

When we travel in the rainforest your Mayan guide not only is a veteran bushman but will also contribute a fascinating cultural element to our wilderness experience. On the sea our Garifuna and Creole guides blend their stories and legends with our day by day adventures on the Barrier Reef and at our Basecamps on Glover's Reef and Lighthouse Reef. Our Belizean leaders are paired with North American leaders who have a great deal of experience traveling worldwide, are certified in Wilderness First Aid and are accomplished river runners, sea kayakers, educators, and naturalists. They work together to create an outstanding opportunity for you to learn when you travel to Belize with Island Expeditions! 

Activities that are included in our Belize Vacations include the following: 

Sea Kayaking into the sunset in Belize