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Island Expeditions: Fishing in Belize

Turquoise waters, a light breeze rising with the sun over the eastern horizon, and a dawn that holds the promise of bell clear skies

Imagine yourself stalking bonefish on expansive flats with a 9-weight rod, a selection of proven flies in your hip pack and the whole day before you to fish and enjoy. Or try your hand at Belizean style trolling from your kayak with a dollar hook, wire leader and bait cut just right to entice a patrolling barracuda to take you on a wild ride.

These are some of the fishing experiences available on our sea kayak trips in Belize. We'll help you plan your trip and we'll bring you to some of the most productive fishing grounds in the Caribbean. Our Belizean guides can show you how to prepare bait , where to go, or for an exceptional and unique experience, why not accompany your guides as they free dive to hunt for fish, conch and lobster. On river trips machaca, tuba and snook are in the rivers. Little is known as the best ways to catch these fish so count on experimenting with different gear and techniques. Call 1-800-667-1630 to discover more about the many fishing opportunities that await in Belize. 

Belize Sport Fishing Licences (Catch & Release Only) are now required in Belize. If you are planning on sport fishing on one of our reef-based adventures, you should consider getting your licence before you arrive in Belize. Click here for details... 

Belize trips that include fishing are as follows: