The Sea is our Playground

Your sea kayak glides effortlessly into a world of tropical islands and coral reefs teeming with life.

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The Sea is our Playground

With mask, snorkel, and fins on the deck of your boat you’re ready to slip into the water one last time for the day - entering a world that's both exciting and unpredictable. A world delicate with shimmering light as you swim over waving turtle grass beds.  One moment your vision is swirling with silver flashes as a mixed school of bar jacks envelopes you, and just as suddenly they are gone. Purple sea fans wave as you float over and with a kick of your fins you move on, searching the white sand for ridges and pinnacles of living coral and the enchanting life you have come to learn shelters within.

Each day on the Caribbean, as we paddle our kayaks, we stop to snorkel in a fantastic underwater world. Among coral strewn waters, with the shallow draft and easy mobility of our kayaks, we find hidden places where few other travelers can explore. When the trade winds blow we stow paddles, raise sails on our kayaks and let the wind take us to our next adventure. The more we learn from our guides of this remarkable world, the more we marvel at the mystery of the tropical seas. Our confidence is growing each day with instruction and coaching; the kayak and the sea feel comfortable-like home.

From your bed you can watch the sun rise over the brightening sea, its first warming rays promising adventures ahead - but first, fresh and delicious coffee then yoga on the beach before breakfast. You remember that you want to join the morning fishing trip in the motor boat with James. After lunch, the guides have been talking about an epic drift snorkel over a reef that is legendary for sighting sea turtles.   Later in the afternoon optional  intermediate and advanced kayak instruction is offered by the guides and then hammock time with a good book and the serenity of the sea.

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Belize Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling

The sea kayak enables us to discover a world of remote tropical islands, untouched coral reefs, and abundant marine life that few other people will ever have a chance to experience. In Belize, sea kayaking is much more than paddling - when the trade winds blow your kayak is light, responsive, and great fun under sail. There is no better place than the warm waters of Belize for snorkeling - each day we snorkel from our kayaks, exploring a fantastic underwater world rich with color and life. Sea kayaking also acts as a cultural bridge with the conch and lobster divers who live from the sea, many of whom still ply their trade in small sail boats and dugouts. 

Our trips are designed for those who enjoy an active learning vacation. Each trip begins with comprehensive sea kayak instruction from your guides. As the trip progresses there is also instruction in sailing your kayak, marine navigation, and advanced paddling skills. On each trip you have the choice of both single and two-person expedition quality sea kayaks. Our double kayaks are also rigged with 28 square foot sails to take advantage of the north-easterly trade winds. 

No previous kayak experience is needed to participate in any of our sea kayak adventures.

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