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The Amazing Belize Barrier Reef

Off the coast of Belize lies a Treasure of Biological Diversity waiting to be explored

Extending north and south for one-hundred and eighty miles, the barrier reef offshore of the Belize mainland is considered the most diverse section of the entire Mesoamerican Reef system. Here, our primary area of exploration is within the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve which is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

In Belize, we find a continuous reef structure running the length of the country parallel to the coast. Traveling east from the mainland, the reef first becomes visible as a line of white surf crashing over the reef crest. Approaching closer, we first enter the reef’s lagoon - a shallow area of turquoise waters, brilliant white sand flats and waving beds of turtle grass and corals. This environment creates an important habitat for juvenile fish, countless marine invertebrates and a rich array of seabirds. Shielding the coast of Belize from the full force of the sea, the barrier reef is a unique example of the wonder that is a living and growing community of coral animals. 

On the reef, we travel from caye to caye by sea kayak or SUP, staying at small, family-run lodges, soaking in the easy-going, friendly Belizean character and each day we venture out to explore the magic and beauty of this tropical marine wilderness.

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