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What to Expect at our Belize Adventure Basecamps at Lighthouse Reef and Glovers Reef


Not sure what to expect when staying at our Basecamps in Belize? We look at all the ins and outs at staying at our two Basecamps on Lighthouse Reef and Glover’s Reef.

First of all, when you arrive to a Basecamp, your group will be given a overall tour by the local guides who will introduce you to the area and familiarize you with all the facilities and amazing staff members.  During this initial tour, you will be given an overview of your safari-style tent which will be your home during your stay. Get to know your friendly guides as they will make sure you’re comfortable with all aspects of the Basecamp, instruct you on all activities, schedules and most importantly, that you’re having a great time for the duration of your trip.  

Helpful hint:  When the the Basecamp Conch horn blows it’s announcing to everyone that it’s time for those amazing meals; you will hear it!

Explore our Basecamps Trips to Lighthouse Reef and Glover’s Reef

Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye


On the furthest boundary of the Belize Reef system, at world renowned Lighthouse Reef Atoll, we have established the first ever adventure Basecamp. Situated on spectacular Half Moon Caye National Monument, we are the only operator to overnight on Belize's first national park. This protected island is managed by the Belize Audubon Society and is also home to a nesting colony of 4000 red-footed boobies. 

Tent Cabanas:

Guests sleep in comfortable wall-tent cabanas with wooden floors, a wooden night stand with a kerosene lamp, and outfitted with either single or double beds.

Tent Cabanas at Lighthouse Reef Basecamp

Tent cabanas at Lighthouse Reef


The camp is powered by small generator in the evening, and there are freshwater showers, modern compost toilets and solar powered refrigeration giving us all the comforts of a well-appointed field camp. 


Delicious meals featuring Creole and international cuisine are prepared and served buffet style in our open air dining area. You can expect a delicious assortment of poultry, seafood, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and fresh baked breads.  In the afternoon, after a day of adventure you can enjoy 'apres’ Belize style with rum punch and some of Bol’s famous conch ceviche.

Dining pavilion at Lighthouse Reef Basecamp

The Lighthouse Reef Basecamp dining pavilion

The Pavilion:

The Basecamp consists of a central pavilion, which acts as the social hub of camp. Here we eat our meals, learn from our island guides with morning talks on the local ecology, and discuss the day's activities plan. There is also a fully stocked resource library, and an endless supply of drinking water and juices that can be accessed through the day.


Each day you will have a choice of several guided reef activities, including sea kayaking, kayak sailing, snorkeling and Stand Up Paddleboarding. Unique to the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp is a snorkeling excursion to the legendary Blue Hole, a fascinating sinkhole made famous by explorer Jacques Cousteau.  Experienced divers can consider a scuba dive in the Blue Hole, which we can arrange with a local dive company for an additional fee.  A snorkeling excursion to “The Aquarium” is also another favorite activity and this site is known for its profusion of fish and towering coral formations.  Our Lighthouse Reef Basecamp is also a wonderfully relaxing location and is a great place to spend some quality hammock time. 


SUP at Lighthouse Reef
Stand Up Paddleboarding is available at both Basecamps

Wildlife Viewing:

Half Moon Caye is about 45 acres in size and many species of birds nest on the island, including a 4000 red-footed booby colony. The Belize Audubon Society has built a series of viewing platforms to intimately observe the many nesting sites.

Baby booby at Half Moon Caye

Baby booby on Half Moon Caye

Glover’s Reef Basecamp on Southwest Caye


The Glover’s Reef Basecamp is located 36 miles off the coast of Belize.  The Basecamp is located on Southwest Caye, a 13 acre private island which is owned by the local Usher family who bought the island in 1942.  The Basecamp is situated on the water's edge and has beautiful dramatic views over the main reef wall and the Caribbean Sea.  We also share the island with a dive resort. 

Tent Cabanas:

Accommodation is provided in safari style tents that are simple, clean and comfortable. Each one is appointed with a real wood-frame bed, a 6-inch foam mattress, a night-stand with a kerosene lamp, as well as some organizational shelves.

Tent Cabanas at Glovers Reef Basecamp

The tent cabanas at Glover’s Reef Basecamp


The bathroom block is located to the back of the camp with a shared modern composting toilet system, as well as a central shower building with fresh-water showers to rinse off the day's salt and sand. 


The camp is run primarily on solar and wind generated energy, with a small generator to supplement or recharge batteries when necessary. You can use the power to recharge any devices or electronics you may have.


Delicious meals are served buffet style in our open air dining area. You can expect a delicious assortment of seafood, grilled meats local dishes, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and fresh baking. Many of the main courses include seafood such as lobster (in season), conch and many varieties of fish which are gathered fresh from the sea each day. Lunches are often enjoyed right on the reef! 

Water lunch at Glover's Reef

Water lunch at Glover's Reef

The Pavilion:

The dining pavilion is the center of all social activities and meals on the island. There is a resource library, games, and always drinks and juices on hand when you are thirsty. Meals are set throughout the day and guests are welcome to peek into the kitchen if you need anything. Perched over the water, there is a thatch-roofed hammock palapa, which is a great spot to read a book and enjoy the breeze. This is a perfect area for early morning yoga sessions (available on select departure dates) or a place to get out of the sun in a nice covered environment. 

The Pavillon at Glover's Reef

The view from the pavilion at the Glover's Reef Basecamp


The daily activity plan is kept flexible in order to respond to the desires and abilities of both groups and individuals. Activities include: sea kayaking, SUP, snorkeling the inner and outer walls of the reef, and learning to sail a kayak. In the mornings and the evenings we host informative sessions on a range of topics - providing an opportunity for guides to share their knowledge of Belize, the marine environments, and local culture.

The Glover’s Reef Basecamp is also a great destination to fly fish. The saltwater flats and adjoining deep waters are one of the best places to fly-fish for tarpon or bonefish.  There is always the option to find an empty hammock, a cold drink and a good book for the day, if that sounds appealing.

Kayak sailing Belize

Kayak sailing at Glover’s Reef

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If you can’t decide which Basecamp to go to, we suggest the Double Atoll Adventure. This trip heads out both Lighthouse Reef and Glover’s Reef, offering some of the best snorkeling, paddling and marine exploration in the Caribbean Sea.