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We offer yoga instruction on many of our Basecamp departures in Belize.

We offer yoga instruction on many of our Basecamp departures in Belize.

2020 Yoga Instructor Schedule for Glover's and Lighthouse Reef Basecamps

In 2005, when her first son was born, Andrea pursued a profession in yoga as a source of balance and stability for them both. Andrea’s son inspired her to pursue certification and to train in children’s yoga. She has trained in Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, and Ashtanga yoga. Andrea  looks forward to the opportunity to teach yoga in beautiful Belize with Island Expeditions!
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Nov 25, Dec 2
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Nov 27, Dec 4
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Nov 24, Dec 1

Lianne’s passion for travel,warmth, adventure and yoga brought her to Glover’s Reef  as an Island Expedition’s guest and she loved it so much she is now returning as our Yoga Instructor.
In 2017 Lianne traveled to India where she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, India. and is working towards her 1000 hour Living Meditation Training.  Lianne teaches a purposeful, slow flow, linking movement, breath and creative sequences while adding a meditation/ gratitude component as well.  Her infectious positive attitude and love for adventure will spark an authentic conversation before your time in Belize is done.
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Mar 2, 9
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Mar 4, 11
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Mar 1, 8


Lisa believes that morning yoga at base camp is a a restorative, awakening, spiritual practice that targets the muscle groups used snorkeling and kayaking. Her morning practice is a welcoming practice that is catered to individual needs and abilities. Lisa believes that yoga is for everyone no matter what age, level or ability. 
Dates TBD

Christina is a Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist and Bio-Energetic Practitioner. After completing her Yoga Teacher Training 200hr in India, she became passionate about spreading awareness of proper alignment in yoga in order to minimize yoga injuries and maximize asana benefits. This training has opened her eyes to the anatomical differences of individuals and given her the necessary tools to modify asanas to suit a student's direct needs. 
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Jan 6, 13
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Jan 8, 15
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Jan 5, 12

Jill Dorosz is an experienced yoga teacher, 500 RYT, influenced by the ParaYoga, Anusara, and Lyengar styles of Hatha yoga; a certified Tai Chi/Qigong instructor; and an energy healer through Reiki, External Chi Healing, and Reflexology.  All her classes include relaxation, pranayama (breath work), and meditation. As an avid kayaker, stand-up paddler, and master swimmer, she is also experienced in integrating yoga practice in these water sports. We are honored to welcome Jill back for her fifth year with us! 
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Jan 22, 31, Feb 8  
Lighthouse Getaway - Jan 22, Feb 1, 9
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - Jan 25, Feb 8

Scott essentially found yoga by accident and immediately fell in love with it. Soon after, he was in Brazil lstudying to become a teacher. Finding yoga had a real impact for him, not just as an activity or exercise to build strength, balance and flexibility but also a form of therapy that truly sets the tone mentally, and provides a clear mind and open heart.  Scott is looking forward joining Island Expeditions for the second time in Belize on beautiful Glover's Reef Atoll.
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Feb 3, 10
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Feb 5, 12
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Feb 2, 9


Miriam views yoga as the art of coming home to yourself and has taken her teaching practice across the world, from the jungles of Cambodia to the beaches of Costa Rica. Miriam approaches yoga as integration of physical and mental exercises that are designed to balance and unite the mind, body and spirit. Her classes offer smart sequencing, a wide range of Asanas, strengthening and alignment, breathing exercises, and of course, room to explore and have fun. Off the mat she is an avid watercolor painter, traveler, and life explorer!  
Dates TBD

Jodi is passionate about sharing yoga practice with as many people as possible. Jodi has always had a love for the outdoors and her soul thrives on being out in nature and near the water.  Her classes are playful, therapeutic, and grounding. Her intention is to guide students towards more space in the body, deeper connections, greater self-awareness, health, empowerment, and well-being.  We are pleased to welcome Jodi back for her fourth year with us in Belize!
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Feb 17
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Feb 19
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Feb 23
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Feb 28 
Lighthouse Getaway - Feb 29
Maya Reef Explorer - Feb 26


Natalie is trained in Ashtanga Yoga and has studied healing and movement meditation in Peru and Costa Rica.  She an ocean lover, a coffee and yin yoga kinda gal.  Natalie is joining Island Expeditions at our Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye for her first time and is looking forward to sharing her practice under the palm trees.
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Mar 3
Lighthouse Getaway - Mar 4
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - Mar 7
Maya Reef Explorer - Mar 1


Our Yoga Program began on Lighthouse Reef 17 years ago, a place that has always been special for Andrea.  In those early years, she found our guests were curious about her daily yoga routine, and before long there would be a small group gathering each day to join her for early morning yoga. Encompassing Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, Andrea’s practice is mindful and relaxed with a flow and rhythm for those new to yoga, as well as those who practice yoga regularly.  Filled with enthusiasm and joy, Andrea is excited to get to know you on your Belize adventure!
Maya Reef Explorer - Mar 11, 15
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Mar 13, 17
Lighthouse Getaway - Mar 14, 18
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - Mar 21


Lori’s Yoga and Meditation journey began in 2012, after a health crisis created a dramatic shift and she was guided to study Yoga and Meditation with focuses on healing. These studies included Trauma informed Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki and Shamanism.  Lori draws on a wealth of expertise and life experience to guide you towards better body, mind, heart and soul health. Lori has been to Belize twice before and is excited to join us on Glover’s Reef for her first time.
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Mar 16 & 23
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Mar 18 & 25
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Mar 15 & 22


For over 12 years Trish explored several styles of yoga and eventually became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2015.  She finds it an honor to share her love of yoga with others as a teacher and student. In addition to Power Yoga, she teaches Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Tune Up Fitness and active dynamic stretching classes in San Francisco, CA. 
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Mar 27, 31 
Lighthouse Getaway - Mar 28, Apr 1
Maya Reef Explorer - Mar 25, 29

Kelly teaches a flow style yoga class that mindfully integrates breath and movement through poses designed to increase strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Students can expect to move through sun salutations, balancing sequences, and core strengthening poses. She strives for an energizing style that is rigorous, yet also accessible, dynamic and fun. As a returning instructor, Kelly is grateful for the opportunity to once again teach in Belize by the ocean and looks forward to sharing the experience with others!
Dates TBD

A true ‘Gypsy Soul’, Shawna is free spirited, authentic, wildly passionate and always looking for adventures – a fun person to be around.  She loves yoga, travelling and hosting events so she turned her passions into a business with Gypsy Souls Yoga and couldn’t be happier to be sharing her energy and enthusiasm with our guests at Lighthouse Reef for her second year.
Lighthouse Getaway - Apr 11
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - Apr 4
Island Expeditions is also pleased to partner with Shawna and Gypsy Soul Yoga to offer a unique itinerary: Half Moon Caye Yoga RetreatLighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Apr 10 

 Over three decades of yoga, she has cultivated a mind-body-spirit practice that begins with daily mediation and mettas (prayers). She is a supportive and encouraging person who has and open hearted teaching style accessible to all levels.  After visiting Lighthouse Reef as a guest, Cynthia is excited to be returning to beautiful Belize as Guest Yoga Instructor for Island Expeditions!
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Apr 14  
Lighthouse Getaway - Apr 15
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - Apr 18