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We offer yoga instruction on many of our Basecamp departures.

We offer yoga instruction on many of our Basecamp departures.

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Awaken your mind, body, and spirit in Belize through the gentle practice of yoga in stunning natural surroundings.

Over ten years ago we introduced yoga practice and instruction to a few select Basecamp departures. After just a few sessions, with a magnificent backdrop of the sun rising over the Caribbean, we were wondering why it took us so long to join the two! Our guests, most of whom had never tried yoga, told us how much they enjoyed the daily practice. Not only is yoga a perfect form of exercise to loosen up before or after our day of active adventures, it also brings relaxation, balance, and mindfulness to ease away the complexities and stresses of our busy lives. Join us at Glover's Reef or Lighthouse Atoll as we bring yoga to the sea with certified yoga instructors on select departures during our season. Please call or email for details. Another great reason to travel with Island Expeditions!  

2018 / 2019 Yoga Instructors

Below are several of the Yoga instructors joining select departures of our Basecamp trips to Glover's Reef and Lighthouse Reef


Julia began practicing yoga at the age of 19, which led her to a career as a vinyasa teacher/junkie in New York City and avid lover of traveling and self-exploration. At age 25 she took a leap of faith and moved to Israel, a very distant place from where she called home. But the practice of yoga is universal and portable, the yoga practice is there for us wherever we go, we can be held whenever we need. She is a student of religious texts, with a bachelor degree from NYU. She teaches and leads retreats now to bring to others the same sense of transformation and compassion that yoga delivers her. Her classes are challenging, graceful and spontaneous. Julia is thrilled to be joining the Island Expeditions team this December in her mother’s home region of Central America.
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Dec 3, 10
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Dec 5, 12
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Dec 9, 16
Epic Belize - Nov 30



Miriam views yoga as the art of coming home to yourself. She began practicing locally in high school and since becoming a traveling writer and global adventurer, has taken her teaching practice across the world, from the jungles of Cambodia to the beaches of Costa Rica. Miriam approaches yoga as integration of physical and mental exercises that are designed to balance and unite the mind, body and spirit. Her classes offer smart sequencing, a wide range of asanas, strengthening and alignment, breathing exercises, and of course, room to explore and have fun. Off the mat she is an avid watercolor painter, traveler, and life explorer!  Miriam is excited to add Belize to her travels and looks forward to sharing her practice with our Island Expeditions guests.
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Dec 17, 14
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Dec 19, 26 & Mar 13, 20
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Dec 23, 30 & Mar 10, 17, 24
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - Mar 2

Lisa began practicing yoga over ten years ago. When diagnosed with cancer in 2010, yoga became an integral part of her healing. Lisa is now a seven year survivor! After visiting Lighthouse Reef as a guest, she decided to become a certified yoga instructor and return to lead yoga classes. Lisa believes that morning yoga at base camp should focus on a restorative, awakening, spiritual practice that targets the muscle groups used from snorkeling and kayaking. Her morning practice is a welcoming practice that is catered to individual needs and abilities. She will assist you in your poses and offer you modifications. Lisa believes that yoga is for everyone no matter what age or level or ability. 
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure  - Dec 20, 24, 28 
Lighthouse Getaway  - Dec 21, 25, 29


Natalie is trained in Ashtanga Yoga and has studied healing and movement meditation in Peru and Costa Rica.  She an ocean lover, a coffee and yin yoga kinda gal.  Natalie is joining Island Expeditions at our Glover’s Reef Basecamp on Southwest Caye for her first time and is looking forward to sharing her practice under the palm trees in this beautiful Belizean setting. 
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Dec 31; Jan 7
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days- Jan 2, 6
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Jan 9, 13


Natalie began her yoga practice at age 12, when she was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and had spinal fusion. She uses lessons learned from her own life to positively impact the lives of her students through self-acceptance and embracing the challenges of life. Her yoga practice is slow, healing, and empowering. Natalie works with all ages from children's yoga to geriatric classes and can easily adapt classes to be an uplifting and enjoyable experience for each person regardless of age, experience, or physical capabilities. She has traveled to over 20 countries and taught in many of them; she is very excited to add Belize through Island Expeditions to her explorations!
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Jan 14, 21
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Jan 16, 23
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Jan 20, 27

Jill Dorosz is an experienced yoga teacher, 500 RYT, influenced by the ParaYoga, Anusara, and Lyengar styles of Hatha yoga; a certified Tai Chi/Qigong instructor; and an energy healer through Reiki, External Chi Healing, and Reflexology. Her professional allied health experience informs her teaching and practices.  Jill is an expert at distilling the essential aspects of yoga into a program suitable for persons of all ages and physical abilities. All her classes include relaxation, pranayama (breath work), and meditation. As an avid kayaker, stand-up paddler, and master swimmer, she is also experienced in integrating yoga practice in these water sports. We are honored to welcome Jill back for her fifth year with us! 
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure  - Jan 25, 29, Feb 8, 12  
Lighthouse Getaway  - Jan 26, 30, Feb 9, 13  
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure  - Feb 3

A true ‘Gypsy Soul’, Shawna is free spirited, authentic, wildly passionate and always looking for adventures – a fun person to be around.  She loves yoga, travelling and hosting events so she turned her passions into a business with Gypsy Souls Yoga and couldn’t be happier to be sharing her energy and enthusiasm with our Island Expeditions guests at our Basecamp paradise in Belize!
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Jan 28 & Feb 4
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Jan 30 & Feb 6
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Feb 3 & 10
Epic Belize - Feb 1

Jodi started doing yoga regularly in 2007 and fell in love with the practice. She is passionate about sharing this practice and its benefits with as many people as possible. Jodi has always had a love for the outdoors and her soul thrives on being out in nature and near the water. She has been teaching SUP Yoga classes in the Whistler area since 2013, and she has spent time teaching yoga on the remote shores of Nicaragua and other retreat settings; awakening the senses and facilitating breath connection and awareness in beautiful surroundings. Her classes are playful, therapeutic, and grounding. Her intention is to guide students towards more space in the body, deeper connections, greater self-awareness, health, empowerment, and well-being.  We are pleased to welcome Jodi back for her third year with Island Expeditions in Belize! 
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Feb 18, 25
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Feb 20, 27
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Feb 24, Mar 3

Yoga has had a large impact on Kendra's life for over 10 years now. Her personal practice and teachings can include a variety of different types of yoga, all with an intention of coming back into the body and bringing awareness to breath and movement. Kendra's classes allow you to feel grounded and safe in your body as you move through a playful practice rooted in yogic fundamentals such as; breath, alignment and ease of movement. As a person who loves to help guide someone's personal journey, Kendra is incredibly delighted and honored to be teaching yoga for her second year in beautiful Belize with Island Expeditions! 
Dates TBD

Kelly is an active person who has always been moving. Yoga has brought balance to her body and life. Since beginning a consistent Yoga practice she has been less prone to injury, and is slowly becoming stronger and more balanced in both body and life. Her practice has provided her a way to slow down, breathe and listen. Although she is never sure exactly where her practice will take her, she is constantly amazed at where it does! Kelly teaches a flow style yoga class that mindfully integrates breath and movement through poses designed to increase strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Students can expect to move through sun salutations, balancing sequences, and core strengthening poses. She strives for an energizing style that is rigorous, yet also accessible, dynamic and fun. As a returning instructor, Kelly is grateful for the opportunity to once again teach in Belize by the ocean and looks forward to sharing the experience with others!
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure - Mar 8 & 12
Maya Reef Explorer - Mar 10
Lighthouse Getaway - Mar 9 & 13

Lindy studied natural therapies in the 80's in New Zealand, and practiced dance and yoga most of her life. She became a certified yoga instructor in 2014. She is a trained facilitator of Conscious Connected Breathwork and will be offering this as well as yoga classes. Whether you are after slow, deep stretching or a dynamic workout, she will create a practice that will suit your needs on the day. The aim of her practice is to create expansion and letting go of tension or restrictions in the body, relax the nervous system, cleanse toxins, regenerate all areas of the cellular body and establish higher states of awareness. She is inspired by nature and the ocean in Belize and invites you to experience this most beautiful setting by the sea. Namaste 
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - Mar 17 
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure  - Mar 22 & 26
Lighthouse Getaway  - Mar 23 & 27 

Scott essentially found yoga by accident and immediately fell in love with it. Soon after, he was in Brazil learning how to become a teacher. Finding yoga had a real impact for him both on and off the mat, learning it was not just an activity or exercise to build strength, balance and flexibility but also a form of therapy that truly sets the tone mentally, and provides a clear mind and open heart.
Scott is looking forward joining Island Expeditions for the first time in Belize on beautiful Glover's Reef Atoll.
Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves - Mar 25 & Apr 1
Glover's Getaway - 5 Days - Mar 27 & Apr 3
Glover's Getaway - 4 Days - Mar 31 & Apr 7


Trish attended her first yoga class in 2006 and was hooked, like finding water in a desert. She found her body was able to decompress after years of a high stress profession and an active lifestyle which rarely included stretching. For over 12 years she explored several styles of yoga and eventually became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2015.  She finds it an honor to share her love of yoga with others as a teacher and an ongoing student. In addition to Power Yoga, she teaches Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Tune Up Fitness and active dynamic stretching classes in San Francisco, CA.Many years ago, she traveled to Glover's Reef in Belize on a sea kayaking expedition and is excited to return to Belize with Island Expeditions and share yoga with you in this beautiful part of the world. 
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure  - Apr 5 & 9
Lighthouse Getaway  - Apr 6 & 10


Teddi hails from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Prior to studies in nursing, she travelled to Bali to immerse herself in the study of Yoga. Since her teacher training in 2015, yoga has become a daily practice for her. She believes yoga gives us all the opportunity to heal. Her nursing career has brought about an intent of adapting the physical practice of yoga for all; tying in with a core belief that yoga is for everybody. Off the mat and out of scrubs, she is probably hiking with her dogs or busy planning her next travel destination. Sharing the beautiful and sacred practice of yoga feeds her soul; nourishing mind, body & spirit. Teddi is joining Island Expeditions on Lighthouse Reef for her first time and simply cannot wait to share in this adventure with you all in Belize!
Lighthouse 8 Night Adventure - April 13
Lighthouse 6 Night Adventure  - Apr 19 & 23
Lighthouse Getaway  - Apr 20 & 24
Maya Reef Explorer - Apr 17