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Perceptive Travel - Tim Leffel "Kayaking Around Specks in the Ocean in Belize"

Kayaking Glovers Reef

We're delighted to share this article which appeared recently in the Perceptive Travel online magazine. Travel writer Timothy Scott Leffel went on our Glover's Reef Adventure trip in March 2018. 

Read all about Tim's adventures staying at our Glover's Reef Basecamp on Southwest Caye. He packed in a lot of adventure during his stay in Belize including hand line fishing, snorkeling by flashlight, kayak sailing and more!

“...An off-the-grid camping base on Glover's Atoll of Belize offers a way to completely unplug the electronics and watch an underwater show instead.

As my kayak cuts through the clear water, I catch fleeting glimpses of orange and yellow tropical fish when I near a coral reef. Occasionally a more vigorous one catapults up from below and flies across the surface. This is all a pleasant diversion when paddling along in open water. The black mass moving toward me, however, is vaguely unsettling as it gets closer, my "friend or foe" Cro-Magnon instincts putting me on guard. As its shape becomes clearer though it's a thing of beauty, a spotted eagle ray with a four-foot wingspan gliding right beside me then going on his way.

I'm on Glover's Atoll in Belize, a roughly oval shaped collection of tiny connected islands and rocky outcrops that goes on for 20 miles, far away from the fancy vacation resorts of Ambergris Caye. We're nearly 40 miles from the mainland out here. We're nowhere near any shipping lanes or permanent settlements. We've arrived by motorboat but are now mostly moving around on our own power, by kayak or paddleboard, adjusting our body clocks to the sun's schedule. At night we dine by the light from solar-powered batteries and gas lamps in our platform tents…”  

Kayaking Around Specks in the Ocean in Belize - Story and photos by Tim Leffel (read the full article)

Tim Leffel is the author of five travel books, including A Better Life for Half the Price, and Travel Writing 2.0. He has run the Cheapest Destinations Blog since 2003.

Kayak Sailing Belize

Glover's Getaway Trip

This 5-day trip is all about snorkeling, kayaking, kayak sailing, paddleboarding and experiencing Belizean culture while you stay on Glover’s Reef Atoll, a protected marine park and designated UNESCO world heritage site located thirty-six miles offshore of mainland Belize.  Stay at our Adventure Basecamp on Southwest Caye, sleep in comfortable, safari style tent cabanas and dine on fresh seafood, tropical fruit, and local favourites.   

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Belize Glovers Reef

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