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Travel with the whole Family

What is the best vacation to take with the whole family?  

Here are some suggestions for traveling with kids, grandparents and traveling with the whole family.

What is the best vacation to take with the whole family?  

Here are some suggestions for traveling with kids, grandparents and traveling with the whole family.

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Call the grandkids we are going on Vacation!

After two years of the pandemic, families are ready to travel. Restrictions have been lifted, and the world is open for travel once again. The concept of multigenerational family travel is even more popular than ever, as families are all looking to reconnect with loved ones and explore new destinations and adventures after several years without travel.

This year perhaps you are celebrating a child’s graduation, the Christmas holidays, or just hoping to ring in the new year with grandparents or grandkids.  Planning a vacation with grandparents, teens and young children is not easy, here are 7 tips for planning a multigenerational family vacation


  1. Plan your trip in advance
    It is hard to plan a trip so you will need time to find the right time of the year that works for dad, mom and kid’s holidays. A multigenerational trip requires a lot of planning time and research. We recommend a minimum of 3 months if you hire a trip planner, or 1 year if you are planning it all yourself.
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  2. Set a budget 
    You need to decide on a maximum budget for your trip, per person, per couple, per room or just per group. Is grandpa giving this trip to the whole family? Are grandparents paying for half of the trip or going for free? Is there a cheaper rate for children? Do we split the bill per person or per room?  Make sure you consider everyone’s budget and if any adjustments need to be made to make this trip affordable to every member of the family.Girl visiting Mayan Mural

  3. Pick a person to be in charge of all the planning
    Designate one person in the family to be in charge of coordinating the trip. Must be responsible, with some time in their hands and with the ability to coordinate and follow up on emails, reservations, deadlines, payments, and flight details for the group.  Because this trip involves many pieces and several people, we highly recommend hiring a trip advisor, trip planner or travel agent.  Island Expeditions Trip Planners can assist you in planning your entire family vacation (free of cost)
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  4. Find the perfect  family destination consider special interests 
    What makes a destination perfect? There must be something for everyone.  Beach destinations are the #1 choice for all multigenerational travel vacations. National Parks and unique cultural experiences in warm locations are great too. Something very important too is a location that is easily accessible to all. 

    Consider any special activities want to do birdwatching? visit Mayan Ruins? Snorkel in the Barrier Reef?  Ziplining in the rainforest? Camping in the jungle and water rafting during the day? Decide how adventurous or how flexible of a trip you would like to have. Make sure you have a nice balance of activities, adventures, tours, and free (me) time!  

    Belize is a great destination with multiple options for families: private islands, rainforest, Mayan Ruins, wildlife focussed adventures, glamping, Mayan and Garifuna cultural experiences and more! Our trips include many activities such as hiking, birdwatching, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling , fishing, yoga, and scuba diving. A great advantage of Belize is the many flights available from  US & Canada. Click here for a list of non-stop flights to Belize 
     river rafting with children

  5. Consider any limitations 
    It’s important to take into consideration any limitations: does grandma have a CPAP machine, grandpa got a hip replacement, sister doesn’t swim, and a  young toddler?  How about special diet and food allergies?  Make sure you review these limitations with your trip planner to ensure the trip can accommodate these limitations to ensure the entire family has a wonderful trip experience.
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  6. Decide on accommodations 
    What the best option for your family will depend on the destination and the size of your family. Do you need rooms with multiple beds? Can grandparents share a room with children? Do kids need bunk beds or single beds? What is the bathroom situation? Every family is different, while some families are comfortable camping and showering outdoors,  or sharing a bathroom, some others prefer their own private bathroom. Talk to our Travel Planners for your options!
     Lighthouse Basecamp
  7.  Don’t micromanage every detail of the trip
    While we may want to do everything, everywhere and all at once, the best vacation is the one where everyone gets to enjoy a bit of everything! And if someone feels like staying behind, reading a book, or chilling by the ocean or under a tree reading a book. Let them have their own time!  Especially grandparents and teens, need their own time to either relax or play volleyball by the beach. This family trip is for you all to create the best memories of your family together. 

    Island Expeditions Family Trips in Belize combine fun activities, learning, storytelling and lots of flexibility to work in downtime. 
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Children bring a unique perspective to travel that helps each of us to gain more from the journey. Our Belize guides have a special affinity for kids and love to share their knowledge. Along with kid-friendly menus, our cooks understand that kids may have different nutritional needs and special requests. Fresh fruits, juices and healthy snacks are always available.

Not all of our trips are suitable for younger children.
From our experience, age is not a definite restriction; rather experience and ability along with the size and weight of your children, are the main considerations in choosing which trip is right for your family. 

Popular Trips to Belize for Families with Younger Children
Our Glover's Reef and Lighthouse Reef Basecamps are popular with families, particularly over the Christmas and March break holiday season. These trips offer a choice of daily activities with lots of flexibility and choices of activities:

Popular Belize Trips for Families with Teens or Older Children
For families with older children or those who have experience with wilderness camping and expedition travel some of the more popular trips are as follows:


Family Pricing 
Knowing that travel budgets are especially important, we offer a price break to families with a 20% discount for children between the ages of 6 - 15 when your family is sharing accommodations. With children aged 5 and under please contact our office to find out which trips are most suitable.