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A Guide to What You Can See While Snorkeling in Belize


The Belize Barrier Reef, which runs the full length of the Belizean coastline, is considered one of the richest marine ecosystems on Earth.  There are miles upon miles of shallow protected waters with thousands of patch reefs, ideal for all levels of snorkelers to experience.  

There are more than 500 different species of marine life that can be seen while snorkeling in Belize. Species include nurse sharks, black coral, turtles, manta rays, parrotfish, trumpet fish, lobster, harlequin bass, vase sponges, sea feathers, crabs and angelfish.

Here’s a quick guide to identify some of the corals and marine life you can expect to see when diving and snorkeling in Belize:

Reef Fish:

Queen Triggerfish Belize

Queen Triggerfish


Rock Beauty Angel Fish Belize
Rock Beauty Angel Fish


Lionfish Belize
Lionfish - Find out more about this invasive species that is a threat to Belize’s reef.


Nurse shark Belize
Nurse shark


Brain Coral Belize

Brain Coral

Tube Sponge Coral

Tube Sponge Coral


Yellow Stingray Belize

Yellow Stingray

Southern Stingray

Southern Stingray

Marine Animals

Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone

Sea Urchin Belize

Sea Urchin

Sea turtle Belize

Hawksbill Turtle

Sea Horse

Sea horse

Check out our Belize Snorkeling Adventure video:


If you go:

Snorkeling is simply a must-do activity for visitors to Belize! With clear turquoise waters, hundreds of cayes and three remote atolls, Belize offers exceptional snorkeling and diving adventures.  Check out our pick of the best snorkeling spots in Belize

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