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Bocawina Rainforest Resort

Get Ready for a Splash!

Waterfall Rappelling at Bocawina Rainforest Resort in Belize!

Get Ready for a Splash!

Waterfall Rappelling at Bocawina Rainforest Resort in Belize!

Bocawina Antelope Falls Rappelling

Waterfall Rappelling at Bocawina Rainforest Resort in Belize!

Get Ready for a Splash! Attention adventure seekers! Looking for a heart-pumping, jaw-dropping experience in Belize?

Check out the waterfall rappelling at Bocawina Rainforest Resort! Picture yourself descending down epic waterfalls, feeling the mist on your face and the rush in your veins. It's a wild ride!

At Bocawina Rainforest Resort, you're in good hands. The expert guides will have your back as you gear up and tackle those falls. They know their stuff and will make sure you're safe every step of the way. Trust them to lead you through the rocky terrain and crashing waters like a true jungle explorer. There are two waterfall adventures to choose from: Bocawina Falls and Antelope Falls.


Bocawina Falls is ideal for families with children. This adventure takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, hiking and rappeling down the 100ft waterfall. Children of all ages love it!


Bocawina Falls requires an easy gradual 30-45 minute hike.


Antelope Falls give yous the most exhilarating, jaw-dropping, and wild adventure - if you are looking for an extreme adventure, this is it! This adventure is not for the faint of heart, and it’s available to intrepid teens and adults looking for a thrill!  


You must hike to the top of Antelope Falls at 1000ft elevation, some sections are challenging, but the reward of getting to the top is incredible. This adventure takes 4 hours.

After a long hike to Antelope Falls, you will take a moment to catch your breath and soak in the breathtaking surroundings. The waterfall's cool waters are calling you for a refreshing swim. Dive into the crystal-clear pool, wash away the worries, and let the world slip away. If you like cliff jumping, or just swimming peacefully this spot is pure bliss!


Ready to take the plunge? As you step off the edge, prepare for a rush like no other. The sight of those waterfalls and the roar of the rushing water will blow your mind. And keep your eyes peeled for the amazing wildlife that calls this rainforest home. Nature is putting on a show just for you!


Waterfall rappelling at Bocawina Rainforest Resort is an adventure you'll remember forever. It's the perfect blend of adrenaline and tranquility, giving you memories that'll stay with you long after you've left. So, if you're up for an unforgettable escapade that connects you with nature and ignites your sense of adventure, pack your bags, strap on that harness, and head to Bocawina Rainforest Resort for the ultimate waterfall rappelling experience in Belize! 



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