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Alexis Cress

We had such an amazing time on our Glovers Getaway trip. Island Expeditions arranged everything for us before our trip (Maya Air flight, hotel stay), and we didn't have to worry about a thing. We met the group at their office in Dangriga, and everyone was very professional and very nice. The boat ride to Glovers was very fun, a little bumpy which added to the excitement. We met the cooks and our guides when we arrived at Glovers. Everyone was so nice, professional, and very organized! The activities were very well organized and the guides would help us out with any special questions or requests. I have a restricted diet, and the cooks were able to accommodate me which was such a relief! The snorkeling, kayaking, and sail kayaking were absolutely amazing. While snorkeling, the guide would point out certain fish or marine life, which was great for novices like us. We had a yoga instructor on our trip (Jill) and she was spectacular. We enjoyed yoga every morning we were on Glovers. The camping facilities were much better than I expected and very comfortable. We joined this trip with the Wild South tour with Island Expeditions, and it was also fantastic. We would highly recommend Island Expeditions to anyone looking for an adventurous, organized, and wonderful trip to always remember!!
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We had so many "firsts" on this trip, that it is very hard to find a highlight. Everything was great.
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Enjoy the adventure and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you in this amazing country.
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Kayaking Glover's Reef Belize
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