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Barbara and Hugh Mirams

Never having done a 'long-haul' holiday before, we were a bit apprehensive about how everything would work out. We needn't have worried. The help we had from Island Expeditions and the reassurance that we were well taken care of helped us both to have a wonderful holiday and the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you to everybody who helped that to happen!
Our guides were cheerful, helpful, patient and kind. They wanted to make sure we were having the holiday we wanted - "Mike" introduced us to stand up paddle boarding and gave us a thorough introduction and was very understanding and patient. "Mike and Omar" had extensive knowledge of the fish and coral of the reef and were keen to pass on their knowledge and help us to identify lots of different types of both.
The whole trip was conducted with safety as the primary concern, but in no way did this stop the fun and the challenge. It just helped to make us feel confident, secure and able to relax and enjoy.
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The food was a highlight, lovingly prepared and presented with a flourish every time.
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