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Ann Gillen

Reviewing my five days on Glover’s Reef with Island Expeditions defies the use of ordinary adjectives.

Living on the beach in a roomy, comfortable tent with all of Belize’s natural beauty a step away was sublime. Glover’s Reef was everything I imagined a UNESCO World Heritage Site to be and more. The easily accessible pristine reefs are teeming with an amazing variety of fish and invertebrate life, a real treat for snorkelers. The cayes revealed their individual complements of bird and plant species. Mike and Jazz clearly love Belize’s natural treasures. They brought it all alive for the guests, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for the reef environment freely.

I went on some spectacular SCUBA dives on the east wall of the of the Belize Barrier Reef with the wonderful people at Isla Marisol, our next door neighbors on Glover’s. The wall is a stunning ecosystem, hidden beneath the water a few hundred yards from the beach.

Our group was treated to beautiful meals, made from scratch from fresh Belizian ingredients. Annette fed us, body and soul, with delicious, nutritious offerings. Each meal was a celebration. The highlight was a family style meal on a beautifully decorated table featuring foliage and flowers from our home base, Southwest Caye.

The heart of Belize, particularly Garifuna culture, were given life by Mike. Learning about Belize in the context of its people and culture added dimensions to my appreciation of this special place.

Belize is embedded in my soul. It’s a special place on earth, rich in history, culture and natural wonders. I’m so happy to be a three time visitor, each time with Island Expeditions!

With a planet like this, who needs heaven?!
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Spokane, WA
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SCUBA with Isla Marisol. Annette's Family style dinner with beautiful table decorations.
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Experience Belize with Island Expeditions.
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Glover's Reef Basecamp
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