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Caving in Belize

From the air, looking over a green expanse of unbroken jungle canopy there is little that shows Belize is gifted with some of the most spectacular caving in the world

Beneath forests and mountains, Belize is riddled with limestone caves with networks of sinkholes and caverns. The limestone karst geology of the Belizean caves can be astoundingly beautifull with intricately shaped stalactites, stalagmites, crystal columns and veils - and some caves hold Mayan artifacts indicating evidence of thousands of years of ceremony. There is little wonder why the ancient Maya were drawn to these dark openings in the ground.  "Xibalba" is the mythical underworld created by the ancient Maya, and where they believed their gods lived.  At times of strife and hardship, the Maya would descend underground with offerings of food, livestock, and even human sacrifice.

Two of the most exciting caving options in Belize are the Chech Em Ha and the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave system.  Actun Tunichil Muknal, known locally as 'Xibalba' or ATM, is an amazing day-trip, combining a 45 minute hike with travel along a subterranean creek bed almost a mile underground to a ceremonial center. 

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