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Venture Inland to the world of the Maya

Venture Inland

Into the magical world of the Maya

Into the magical world of the Maya

Pristine Beauty

The interior of Belize just 20 years ago was unknown - a hinterland of the imagination, with impenetrable jungles, wild animals and tales of lost Mayan Cities.  Only recently, Belize has gained a worldwide reputation for the incredible vacation opportunities that lie hidden amongst its mountains, forests, rivers, and wetlands.

With decades of exploring the Belizean backcountry under our belt, we know how to get you to those special places. The most spectacular areas are usually well away from the beaten path. In the rainforest, upwards of 70% of the mammals are nocturnal; birds are best seen in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening, and some of the most exciting Mayan ruins in the region require careful planning to reach.

Our trips not only bring you to the most beautiful and pristine locations in the country, but we also take you there at the right times, with expert leadership and the right gear to explore them to the fullest. Our activities are as diverse as the environment: river travel, caving, and hiking may be combined with sea kayaking, snorkeling, and diving adventures to provide exceptional multi-sport experiences.

Your genuine interaction with the people of Belize also sets these trips apart. A radiant smile from a small Mayan girl, being welcomed into the home of a Garifuna family, or forging a close friendship with your native guide is, after all, what travel should be all about!