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Meet Georgette Metcalfe: Guest Yoga Instructor at Our Belize Island Basecamp

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We had a wonderful chat with Georgette Metcalfe, one of our returning yoga instructors who will be joining us at the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye for the 2017 season.  

Georgette is just one of the certified yoga instructors who will be offering complimentary yoga sessions at the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye and Glover’s Reef Basecamp on Southwest Caye on select departures dates for 2017. 

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Georgette will be joining us on the following trip departures at the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp.

Evening at Lighthouse Reef Basecamp
Sunset at the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye

Here’s the rundown of our inspiring chat with Georgette.

Tell us about your yourself?

I live one hour north of Whistler, British Columbia, with my husband, twin 16 year old boys, 2  cats, 3 dogs and a big garden.

Where did your yoga journey begin and what first drew you to yoga?

I started practicing yoga regularly 20 years ago and have been a teacher for the last 10 years. My original curiosity for yoga started with a craving to ease sore back pain.  Well, I received that and so much more!  After having twins, I knew my next line of work needed to be fulfilling in a way that balance (to a chaotic home) and passion were at the forefront. I began my first yoga business in 2007, Karunayoga.  This morphed into running and managing Tadasana Yoga and Wellness, in Pemberton BC, which still thrives today.

Why did you choose to teach in Belize with Island Expeditions?

Tim (Island Expeditions Trip Director) and Andrea are my neighbors and they would tell me all the time that I would love Belize and should go!

Do Island Expeditions guests need any past experience of yoga?

Absolutely not. Yoga is made accessible and accommodating to everyone.  No matter of injury, age or limitations, there is a way to achieve the benefits of practicing yoga and it is with support of the teacher one can receive this.

What can guests expect from your yoga class and your style of teaching?

Relax, breathe and move. Gentle, exploring movement, listening to the body's feedback, adjust, repeat.

Describe one of your favorite moments from teaching at the Lighthouse Reef Basecamps?

Well, it was every day really. Waking up early, walking to the yoga location to rake the sand, check out the stunning view, then meeting the yoga attendees and chatting about their specific concerns and requests. Then heading down the walkway, passing the iguanas, listening to the birds morning chatter, seeing our 'dedicated to yoga' space and feeling so incredibly grateful for it all!

Iguana at Half Moon Caye

Iguana at the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp

What makes teaching at our Basecamps in Belize unique from other places you have taught yoga?

All of the above! There's really nothing like it.  Everyone is just so happy to be there and the yoga is value added. Even the guests who have never done yoga feel so relaxed and embraced by the island vibe.  

Why do you keep coming back to Belize?  

I don't think I stopped smiling the entire time I was there and I want more of that:)

What were your highlights of staying at the Lighthouse Reef Basecamp?

Highlight? Hmmm, that was every day. From the moment I arrived at Half Moon Caye on the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, to the moment I left I kept pinching myself.  It's even more beautiful than any picture I had seen. The Belizean people are beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them and learning about the culture.  The expeditions were stunning and the Caribbean water, intoxicating. I loved every single moment and I can't wait to come back!  

Georgette Metcalfe

Certified yoga instructor - Georgette Metcalfe

If you go:

Join us at Glover's Reef or Lighthouse Reef Atoll as we bring yoga to the sea with certified yoga instructors on select departures during the season. For more information visit the Belize Basecamp Yoga page.