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The Globe and Mail: Corals, Cayes and Cocktails in Belize

Globe and Mail Article


Last March, we were delighted to have travel writer Guy Nicholson, from The Globe and Mail join us at our Glover's Reef Basecamp on Southwest Caye.

We wanted to share this article about his adventures stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, conch diving, hand-line fishing and of course some "hammock surfing". 

Read about travel writer Guy Nicholson experience of staying at our Glover’s Reef Basecamp.

“...It takes 10 minutes to get the allure of stand-up paddleboarding – 10 minutes to fumble down the edge of Southwest Caye, quads burning, and turn into a placid lagoon flanked by mangroves and sheltered from the easterly trade winds that blow across Glover's Reef.

Guide Cedric (Budge) Casimiro points out a sun-bleached iguana, eyeing us lazily from a branch above. Another vibrant world awaits below our feet, so we drop the boards, strap on masks and slip into the lagoon. There are sea grasses, anemone, sea urchins, conch shells, an orange starfish covered in knobby cleats. Spotted rays, surgeonfish, yellow goatfish, scrawled cowfish, grunts and sergeant-majors, their yellow bodies decorated with five black bars…”
Guy Nicholson, The Globe and Mail (read the full article)


The Island Expeditions basecamp on Southwest Caye, Glover’s Ree
The Island Expeditions basecamp on Southwest Caye, Glover’s Reef. Photo: Guy Nicholson/ The Globe and Mail


Glover’s Reef Basecamp

Glover’s Reef is part of the world famous Belize Barrier Reef System, a protected marine park and designated UNESCO World Heritage site, located 36 miles off the shore of mainland Belize. 

Stay at our unique all-inclusive Basecamp on Southwest Caye.  Spend your days' snorkeling, kayaking or SUP around this pristine group of tropical islands set within a turquoise lagoon.  At night, sleep in comfortable, safari style tent cabanas and dine on fresh seafood, tropical fruit, and local favourites. There is always time to unplug, walk the beach or relax in your hammock.

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Give us a call at 1-800-667-1630 or email: info@islandexpeditions.com for more information about staying at our Glover’s Reef Basecamp on Southwest Caye.