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Celebrating Milestones with a Belize Adventure Vacation

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Life is full of milestones - and planning a special vacation to Belize is a wonderful way to celebrate!   

Whether you travel with your significant other, or choose to invite family or friends, marking a milestone with a once-in-a lifetime trip will be an experience you will remember for years to come.

For some, the milestone could mean turning 50 or 60 years of age.  For others, it may be a 25th wedding anniversary, a long-awaited marriage and honeymoon, or your child’s graduation from college!  

Here are 5 travel tips for planning a Belize Adventure Vacation for your Milestone:


1. Plan and Book the Milestone Celebration in Advance

Plan in advance for those important milestones.  Give family and friends plenty of notice so they can request time off work and make arrangements to be there with you.  Our Expedition Season trip departures fill up quickly over the popular travel times such as Christmas and Spring Break, so it is important to book early if you are looking to travel over these dates. 


2. Use a Travel Expert to Take Care of the Details

Let our team take care of the details, and assist you with trip planning ideas and advice.  All of our Adventure Specialists have first-hand knowledge of Belize.  We have had lots of experience helping guests plan vacations for their milestones...and we love seeing these very special trips come to fruition!  

3. Choose the Right Location

Our Basecamps at Lighthouse Reef and Glover's Reef are ideal for families and friends to gather and celebrate. Staying at the adventure Basecamps offers flexibility and choices in daily-guided activities, so traveling companions can do things together or separately.  The Basecamps trips are popular choices for families or groups of friends, and work well for multi-generational families. Our trips are all-inclusive once you get to Belize and include accommodation, meals, activities and ground transportation. 


4. Offer a Variety of Activities for Your Group

Find out the interests and ability levels of the people that will be joining you - then select a trip that offers a range of activities to suit your group.

A wide array of activities are available in Belize, both in the coastal areas and inland regions.  Sea kayaking, SUP and snorkeling are great ways to explore the numerous Cayes and the Belize Barrier Reef.  Belize is also a great fishing destination and there are many opportunities for fly-fishing, spin casting and hand line fishing. Another popular Belize activity is canoeing or kayaking one of the many inland rivers in the jungle and rainforest. The Moho River is suitable for all levels of paddlers.  There are many land-based activities to choose from including bird watching, wildlife viewing, photography, hiking, zip lining, waterfall rappelling, caving, horseback riding and visiting ancient Maya sites.  


5. Create Lasting Memories

Our trips make it easy to unplug and reconnect with family and friends.  Our Basecamps at Glover’s Reef and Lighthouse Reef do not have WiFi or cell phone service.  Without the distraction of electronic devices, it is easy to make memories together with family and friends.  

Take time to preserve the memories of your milestone celebration, by capturing those important moments with your camera.  (Camera batteries can be recharged at the Basecamps!).  Once you get back home, consider making a hardcover photo book - a great momento of your adventure.

If You Go:

When you are ready to start planning, call 1-800-667-1630 and get some travel ideas and advice from our Belize Adventure Specialists.  Tell us about the milestone, who will be joining you, and what you would like to see and do in Belize...we will work with you to create a memorable trip for that special celebration.