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Celebrating 30 Years at Island Expeditions: Your Belize Stories and Photos - Part 3


We are in the final month for the 30th Year Anniversary celebrations!  Over the past four months we have been thrilled, inspired and blown away by all the incredible stories and photos we have received. Thank you to all of you who have helped share our story, about the 30 years we have been offering everyone amazing adventures in Belize.  Here’s to the next 30 years!

There is still time to share your Belize trip photos and stories. Whether they are from a recent trip with us or from a trip in the past, we would love to see them all. You have until the end of April to enter them at www.islandexpeditions.com/30 and we will then send you an Island Expeditions T-shirt or hat. 

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The Next 5 Featured Belize Trip Photos and Stories from our 30 Year Celebrations:

1. Finding Peace and Tranquility on Southwest Caye by Emily Thompson

Sunrise over Southwest Caye

“...Watching this stormy sunrise over Glover's Reef made me feel alive. I was aware of the salt on my skin, the sand between my toes and the most wonderful sense of freedom. If there's one place that I've felt truly connected to my true self, completely at peace and alert to the wonders of nature, it's right here on Southwest Caye…”

2. Learning to Sail a Kayak by Dale Eldridge

Kayak sailing Belize

“...My husband and I have enjoyed many kayak adventures, but we had never sailed a kayak before. Gliding effortlessly across the water was a great treat. We learned to lean with the wind and swivel our hips with the swells. We sailed to Long Caye without the effort of paddling, fully rested to greet the reef fish of the Aquarium. I loved snorkeling in the comfort of the group. My husband disappeared into his free diving rapture. We reunited for a delicious lunch on the beach, a second snorkel and then paddled back to Half Moon Caye. Roo was a bit skeptical of the weather, but Jack and Brian assured us of safety and encouraged us. It was a long effort into the wind, but we arrived before a squall hit, glad for our accomplishment, happy to have embraced the sea and feeling deserving of our fabulous dinner courtesy of Bol and Miss Ann. A day to be treasured with people we already miss…”

3. An Ode to Half Moon Caye by Maury Eldridge

Snorkeling at Half Moon Caye

Half Moon Caye

What a privilege

To brush sand off my soles

Before climbing into bed.

What a privilege the tent

Opens onto moonlit waves

From an endless horizon.

What a privilege to step

From beach into unblinking curiosity,

The reef fish unwary of stillness

Any time I can achieve it.

What a privilege to share

Their world of fluid grace,

To have the spotted eagle ray

Circle me, the hawkbill

Gently glide by, the barracuda

Hover in wait, the nurse shark

Snuggle into soft coral.

What a privilege to sail

The kayak across turquoise-jade waters

To the next mangrove caye, or to the reef,

Or to no destination at all.

What a privilege, this atoll,

Peaceful in the deep ocean of human turmoil,

Of consumption beyond need, willful ignorance,

Greedy degradation of the very source

Of grace.

What a privilege to have time

So relaxed each breath can last minutes,

Each movement so subtle it scarcely burns

Oxygen, each encounter so enriching

Our pleasures become spiritual.

4. Creating Memories on the Epic Belize Trip by Dermot McKeown

Epic Belize Trip Belize

“...Unforgettable 8 days in Belize. Sea kayaking, snorkeling, whitewater, rappelling waterfalls, you name it. But above all- the guides! Awesome guys that helped create life-long memories…”

5. A Family Trip to Belize by JoAnne MacNeil

Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye

“...Our family had an amazing Maya Reef Explorer trio with the Bocawina Rainforest Canopy Extension. We challenged ourselves hiking up Antelope Falls and repelling down through the waterfalls. We experienced an unplugged tropical paradise snorkeling Lighthouse Reef and learning about the species that surrounded us. The time on Half Moon Caye was indescribable between the beautiful scenery, the simplicity of living , the amazing food that Miss Ann prepared and the wonderful guides and new friends we made at camp. Finishing up the trip at Crooked Tree and exploring the Maya Temples was a wonderful finish to our adventure in Belize. Island Expeditions outdid themselves planning and organizing the perfect itinerary for us and made sure our vacation was worry free. We have told all of our friends!...”

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