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Combining Trips to Make Your Own Custom Itinerary

We invite you to mix and match our short trip options from our Getaways & Extensions menu to create your own custom itinerary.

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Belize, for such a small country has unbelievable diversity. In the cultural and historical realm we have over 600 Mayan Ruins, fascinating archaeological caves and the contemporary cultures we find in Belize today present a rich mosaic of languages, art, traditional medicine, music and dance. The primary ethnicity of Belize is comprised of Creole, Garifuna,  Kekchi and Mopan Maya and Mennonites.  Our mosaic of cultures is matched by the diversity of landscapes.  Towering mist-shrouded mountains, rolling tropical pine savannahs, wetlands, rivers that flow underground and rich broadleaf tropical forests are ours to explore on land.  By sea we have hundreds of cayes, sheltered lagoons, mangrove forests and of course a remarkable abundance of coral reefs of all types.

With all this diversity we want to make sure that you have as many choices as possible to experience Belize in your way.  You can do this by combining our shorter trips with longer trips or tying together a series of short trips. Go ahead choose for you, mix and match to make your perfect holiday.

We have made a few recommendations here and given them a name, so you can refer to them, when you call or email our office.  Feel free to take some of these options, and create your own, custom trip.  Come up with a new combination and we'll use our expertise to link the parts together to minimize travel and maximize your experience. 

OPTION 1:  Reef & Rainforest Explorer - Combine the Glovers Getaway, with our Rainforest Canopy Extension, plus an extra hotel night, and two domestic flights from Belize City to Dangriga.  If you were to match them up, it would look something like this. 

Glover's Getaway & Rainforest Canopy Extension

Approximate Cost for this option: 

Flight Belize City to Dangriga - $65US if from domestic terminal; $100US if from Belize International Airport (and connecting from an international flight)  
Dangriga Lodge Night - $80US
Glover's Getaway - $639US or $689 CDN
Rainforest Canopy Extension - $599US or $669CDN 
Flight from Dangriga to Belize City - $65US to domestic terminal; $100US to Belize International Airport (if connecting with an international flight)
Total: from $1448US Per Person  (Subject to Change) 

OPTION 2:  Lighthouse Rainforest Adventure - Combine the Rainforest Canopy Extension with the Lighthouse Getaway 5 Day, plus an extra couple of nights at the Belize Biltmore Plaza.  If you were to match them up, here is what it would look like. 

Rainforest Canopy and Lighthouse Getaway

Approximate Cost for this option: 

Flight Belize International Airport to Dangriga - $100US
Rainforest Canopy Extension - $599US or $669 CDN 
Flight & Hotel Package - $135US per person based on double occupancy 
Lighthouse Getaway 5 Day - $1279 US or $1399CDN
Belize Biltmore Plaza - $136US single or double occupancy
Total: $2249US (Subject to Change) 

Please contact us for further details, or if we can be of any further assistance combining our Belize trips to make your ultimate vacation.