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When my friend asked me to go on this trip, initially, I had some second thoughts because it was unlike any trip I had ever taken. Given my history with snorkelling - I had almost drowned myself when I was 19 lol, and having never been in a kayak - I wondered what I was getting into. WOW was I ever glad that I took this trip!!!! From touching down in Belize City until we took off again exactly a week later - this short trip was the best I have taken in a long time. From the start, the staff of Island Expeditions made this trip an amazing one. Our guides, Brian & Daton were fantastic - special thanks to Daton for teaching me to snorkel properly and for getting so many fantastic pictures and to our boat captain - Rue (Terrance) for being patient with me while I was learning to kayak. The food was amazing thanks to the fantastic chefs Bol & Ann. Jack was also very informative about the surrounding reefs and marine life. I would highly recommend any of the Island Expedition trips (and I plan on doing as many as I can)!
Trip date (YYYY-MM)
Where are you from?
Calgary, AB
What were the highlights of the trip?
Learning how to kayak and snorkel properly/snorkelling the Blue Hole.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Relax and enjoy - it is UNBELIZABLE!
Trip photo
Lighthouse Reef Basecamp
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