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Sara Mannix

Best possible adventure vacation in Belize. Food = Delicious. Guides = Amazing. Chef = Wished We Could Take Him Home.

We stayed at Lighthouse Reef this past April (2016) via Island Expeditions. The chef named Bol was the nicest guy and such a great chef, we are still talking about him and the kids say... "if Bol made this it would be even better" - this phrase has become a family joke as he everything he made was delicious! My kids always refused to eat onions until we went to Belize and Chef Bol made creations with onions that they actually ate.

The island is amazing, we had no problems with bugs, it was hot so I even unzipped our screens at night to have a full open tent. Our guide was fantastic, he had an eye for finding nurse sharks (which are harmless by the way), barracuda, lobsters, sea turtles and all types of interesting sea life. The whole adventure was amazing from waking up to Yoga with Christie to sail kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling, this is one adventure trip that is a STEAL. A great value.

Highlights of our trip was meeting Christie, a yoga instructor with the most beautiful soul, who introduced us to yoga in the mornings, seeing a massive old sea turtle at the Blue Hole swimming next to a spotted Eagle Ray, "waking up sharks", sail kayaking, the food, paddleboarding, happy hour at Sunset beach, meeting interesting guests and fabulous guides and staff. Not to mention the pre and post trip experience with Island Expeditions.

There are so many adventures to experience that I try not to go back to any one place now but this place... Lighthouse Reef, is worth repeating.
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Where are you from?
Queensbury, NY
What were the highlights of the trip?
My friend had a little tropical fish that she named "Felipe" that swam with us for an hour all over the reef, never leaving her side, hard to explain but it was funny having this little one inch tropical fish follow you all over the reef. But it was experiences like this that made you laugh and become one with nature that made this trip so extraordinary.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
If you are thinking about going, GO! Life is too short to miss this trip.
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