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Travis Ables

Spectacular adventure! The trip was virtually perfect. We couldn't believe that Half Moon Caye was as beautiful as the pictures made it look -- but it was! We loved the location, the birds, the fish, the beaches and reef, all of it. But we loved the people just as much -- Ann was an awesome cook and so friendly and hospitable. Brian was a perfect guide -- knowledgeable, friendly, concerned with safety, comprehensive in his instructions, going the extra mile to make repairs and take care of us in every way possible. Jazz was excellent as well -- get that guy guiding on his own asap! His enthusiasm and sense of fun made every activity memorable, and he showed equal knowledge of and love for the reef as Brian did. Christie was a wonderful yoga instructor, and doing sunrise yoga on the beach was a bucket list item for my wife, one she'll always remember.

Accommodations were great. Tents were comfy and felt like home, even if the wind was blowing like crazy the whole time (not something we expect IE to control!). The showers were pretty brackish, but that was a small price to pay for having the caye pretty much to ourselves. Meals at the pavilion were so much fun, with all five of us gathered to talk and get to know each other and share our adventure. We were so glad that Brian, Jazz, Ann, Christie, and several of the Audobon guys joined us for meals. It made it a communal, educational, and just overall fun experience -- once we'll remember forever. At all costs, preserve the immersive quality of this trip: the time there with the Belizean guides, Ms. Ann's Belizean cooking, the extended stay. It's perfect and we came away feeling like Belize is already a second home.

We really appreciate the extra mile IE went to in helping us with our travel plans departure day. We had to get to Amberbris Caye that night, and the boat from the mainland was running late. You could easily have brought us back to Belize City and left us on your own, but instead went above and beyond booking on a daytrip boat from Roman's Village heading San Pedro. You even followed up while we were at Victoria House to make sure we'd catch our flight back to the mainland! That was really impressive and indicates the quality of care and service Island Expeditions showed. Bravo!

We only had one small quibble: the motor gave out on the boat on the caye one day. Brian worked for hours to fix it, but we ended up missing a scheduled snorkel and just doing Mitch's Bay again. It was fine, but it sounded like a new and eco-friendly motor is definitely due for that boat.

Other that that, we couldn't be happier. We'll be back!
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Where are you from?
Arvada, CO USA
What were the highlights of the trip?
Night snorkel off "Octopus Beach"; dinners and drinks with the whole group.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Pack light, with lots of biodegradable sunscreen; come with a sense of adventure and willingness to roll with whatever nature throws at you; prepare for the time of your life.
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