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Kory Keller

Lighthouse Reef was fabulous - away from the crowds and worry-free. From the moment we awakened, opened our tent and looked at the ocean yards in front of us the experience was unforgettable. Every good thing we had read about the trip was true, but none discussed the amazing gourmet meals prepared for us and the cultural knowledge and experiences that were shared with us by everyone at camp. I will never forget my first (planned and carefully supervised) wet exit from my kayak, kayak sailing, stand-up paddleboarding over a ray, snorkeling over a small reef to realize I was directly over a shark, and seeing photoluminescence during night snorkeling (which two guides kindly took me on despite no other guest wanting to go after our long day!).

My bird-loving hubby really enjoyed Crooked Tree as well. Surprisingly the zoo was a treat - small, intimate, and close-up to the animals.
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Can't pick just one - Nearly getting sprayed with urine by a tapir (as the guide warned us might happen) - SUP while a ray glided beneath me - Being alone with a guide in the ocean at night, turning off the lights and basking in the soft glow of photoluminescence - Cultural night
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Jump in and try everything. I had never done yoga, but enjoyed it each morning on the beach and really missed it when I returned from reality. I was nervous about both night snorkeling and kayak sailing and was so glad I just went for it!
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