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Duncan Murdoch

This was our third trip to Half-moon Caye. It's one of our favourite places: the booby-frigate nesting site is amazing: the birds nest within 5 or 10 feet of the observation platform, and aren't frightened by people at all. The snorkelling is amazing, either right off shore (4 great sites!), or a boat ride away. We kayak-sailed over to Long Caye to snorkel the "Aquarium"; that's one of my favourite snorkels anywhere, with lots of fish at the drop off of the atoll into the deep Caribbean. Some of us paddled back from Long Caye, against the wind. A good fitness test! Most guests took the skiff back.

Every time we've been to Half-moon Caye, the IE staff have been fabulous. This year we were with a big group, so we had 5 guides: Jack, Bryan, Roo, Israel and Rodney. They are all knowledgeable, friendly, great to be around. The cooks (Bol and Miss Anne) and maintenance guys (Desi and Loverboy) were also really friendly and helpful.

We had morning yoga instruction from Jill this year. It's really relaxing to get up in the morning and do stretches and balance exercises. (I am not a regular yogi, I only do it on these trips!) Jill was great too.

Our first night stay in Crooked Tree was comfortable, and a chance to meet the other guests and see a Belizean village. We didn't spend long there, but enjoyed it.
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London, Ontario
What were the highlights of the trip?
It's hard to pick a highlight, we liked all of it. But if I had to pick one thing, it would be snorkelling at Long Caye.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Do it!
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Lighthouse Reef Adventure
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