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Laurie Estes

This was the adventure we were looking for: great snorkeling, remote, peace-filled setting, knowledgeable, thoughtful, friendly guides - it was terrific! We had a wide variety of activity options daily (including the option to do nothing, dubbed “hammock surfing!”) and enjoyed the different snorkeling sites, the kayak sailing and, of course, the doing nothing part! We visited the Red Footed Boobie nesting site several times to gawk at the interactions between parent & chick, as well as to observe the relationship between the frigate’s and the boobies. We are deeply grateful to Israel, Rodney, Roo, Bryan & Jack for the excellent guiding and their enthusiastic leadership. We appreciated Bol & Ann’s passion and enthusiasm for their meal prep and service - the food was great. We very much enjoyed our time at the Reef and are grateful to have had the experience!
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Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA
What were the highlights of the trip?
We came to snorkel and were not disappointed! We loved both the “walk in” off the beach snorkels from Half Moon Caye AND the “off the boat” snorkeling at the Aquarium and the Blue Hole. It was great!
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Snorkeling Lighthouse Reef, Belize
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