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Judy Brittain

Rated as one of the best snorkelling locations, IE was surely the group to go with to Belize. From the first boat ride out to the reef, you knew the adventure was going to be very special. Well organized arrivals, set up at camp, onto the days of expert sport activities of snorkelling, kayaking, fishing and relaxation. The brochures had my expectations high, but when arriving at half moon caye, I was overwhelmed with the paradise island of sun, beach and palm trees. The booby and frigate birds soaring overhead on the Caribbean winds was an extra delight, even the iguana and hermit crabs were adorable. From the 6 am coffee service, to 6:45 yoga with Kendra, snorkels and boating with Roo, Rodney, Clint and Vanecio, each day was a full adventure stopping just long enough to catch your breath and pinch yourself , yes, this is paradise for one glorious week! To top it all off was the spectacular feasts of Belizean cuisine offered up by Bol and the loveliest Miss Ann.
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Where are you from?
New Brunswick, Canada
What were the highlights of the trip?
Being unplugged.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Just let go and trust the talented, educated guides of IE to have the time of your life!
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Lighthouse Reef Basecamp
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