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We did the 6 day tour with Kimike as our guide. We had a few rainstorms but it didn't really affect our activities much. Once we arrived at Tobacco caye, we got settled in then went kayak sailing. That was a blast. We had some free time so we went on a scuba trip the next morning with a local company. The food prepared for us by Miss Doreen's staff was excellent! The cabins are basic but the setting is just like a postcard, spectacular! We didn't expect the noise from the waves crashing on the reef all night long, but it was soothing and when you woke up you were excited to get going!
We started our trip over to Southwater caye kayak sailing, but then a rainstorm came so we finished the trip paddling. The rays were gliding around below us when we arrived on the island.
The accomodations at Southwater were again basic and comfortable, with a very nice veranda to sit for a happy hour drink before dinner. The crew on southwater were great and Kimike kept us busy snorkelling (including a night snorkel that was a lot of fun), and teaching us SUP tricks. He also gave us a lesson in coconuts (complete with a splash of rum after!). The sunsets off the beach were beautiful.
We can't think of anything negative about this trip - from start to finish it was action packed but we still managed plenty of free time to read or socialize with the others on the island.
The trip over to Carrie Bowe Caye was fantastic - its the Smithsonian institute for marine biology and we enjoyed learning about research projects currently underway. Gary the station manager at the time gave us a great tour. Superb snorkelling post tour!
Kimike was passionate about his country and entertained us with his stories.
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Kelowna, BC Canada
What were the highlights of the trip?
Everything was awesome, but the kayak sailing & the snorkelling were our favorite.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Even if it rains, you can still do any of the activities on the agenda. Pack your bug spray for the evenings!
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Tobacco Caye Belize
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