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Hamish & Deb Dobson

Came on the Ultimate adventure with my wife and two children (8 and 12) and we all had a fantastic time. I have to compliment Island Adventures on how well the trip logistics were handled - no waiting for transportation anytime on the trip, everything was like clockwork, and there were a lot of logistics to take care of! All the guides were knowledgeable and good company. The Belizean guides had the energy & enthusiasm of kids and were so good with ours. This isn't Disneyland - the caving was several hours underground, and the river had lots of action - if your kids are adventursome they'll love this.
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Where are you from?
Vancouver, BC
What were the highlights of the trip?
Everything, but the time we had underground at the ATM caves was a real treat.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Pack light. So easy to overpack when you are coming from up north in the winter. GoPro cameras work well for a busy trip like this - all my best photos came from my GoPro, not my SLR.
Trip photo
Kayaking Glover's Reef Belize
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