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Kiki and Ross C.

This was the best adventure EVER and we are so happy we found Island Expeditions - the only way to experience Belize! It wasn't cheap, but it was so worth the money and the memories we have from this trip are priceless.
The food was insane in the best way possible at every place we stayed. We ate so well I actually gained weight on the trip!
The guides:
I have been on several guided tours and I know how crucial a good guide is to making a trip just 'ok' to making it an unforgettable adventure. Whatever you are paying Jaime - you should double it! He is the best guide I have ever encountered. His personality, knowledge, hospitality - AWESOME! We trusted him completely and he always was quick with an explanation or a fact about whatever we were experiencing or seeing. Jaime also needs a special shout-out for his jungle fare. He made BBQ chicken, smoked ham, smashed potatoes, cole slaw and pineapple upside down cake for us for Christmas dinner - just like everything I would eat at home with my family.
Juan Carlos's tour of the ATM caves was phenomenal. I appreciated his personality, his concern for our safety, his wealth of information and even his effort to get us to the cave first so we could experience it privately with no other tours coming through.
Valencio was great as well for reef and jungle and for his knowledge of Mayan culture and his ability to explain it to us.
I loved Pedro's enthusiasm, especially riding the river - he was always smiling and laughing and you could really tell how much he loves his job.
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The itinerary, small group travel and great hospitality!
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