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Barb Wolff

In February, our family travelled to Belize for a 10 day vacation. We chose Island Expedition’s Ultimate Adventure.
We were looking for something that involved a variety of activities while getting a sampling of the culture, history, food and natural features of this beautiful little country. This trip exceeded our expectations in every respect!
The staff at the head office helped us with every logistical detail, from finding flights to accommodate our tight timeline to ensuring there would be a birthday celebration during the jungle portion of the trip.
We were greeted at the airport in Belize City then shuttled to the hotel to meet our extended “family” for the next 10 days. We were very fortunate to have a great , fun- loving group of people from across Canada to travel with. We were on the move from that point forward.
There were always activities available and the food was both delicious and plentiful. We had several guides over the course of the 10 day trip and they were all fun, informative and professional.
Here are the highlights of the trip. The night tour of the Belize Zoo (feeding the tapir) and ATM caves with JC were a great introduction to Belize. We then travelled to Tobacco Caye via Dangriga for a 2 night stay in over the water cottages to with plenty of opportunities explore by the area by kayak or the funky little island on foot. This is where our guides Venancio, Capi and Addie joined us. Next stop was Southwest Caye on Glover’s reef for some glamping. Here we had many opportunities to kayak, snorkel, SUP, and sail the kayaks. The patch reefs were beautiful and our guides had a wealth of knowledge of the marine life and a sharp eye for spotting them for us.
Pedro, the seasoned river veteran, joined Venancio and Addie for the river portion of the trip on the Moho River but first we spent a night at Big Falls resort. The resort and rooms were beautiful and the dinner was nothing short of spectacular!
The next morning we drove to the Pedro and Venacio’s village for a delicious, hearty lunch and to collect our camping gear.
The next 3 nights were nothing short of amazing as we travelled through the rainforest on the beautiful Moho River over many waterfalls and through spectacular scenery. There is nothing like the feeling of paddling your boat to the edge of a waterfall and only seeing the drop as you head over the edge. We quickly learned that the louder our guides laughed the more spectacular the landing was.
Before each drop they versed all of us as to what to do to get a good line and where to swim where our landing was less than perfect.
When we weren’t propelling ourselves over waterfalls our guides were sharing their knowledge of the beautiful rainforest. The campsites were spacious and, as always, the food was both delicious and plentiful.
In summary, Island Expeditions coordinated every aspect of our vacation to perfection. For us to plan and execute a 10 day trip with so many varied activities would have been logistically impossible. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to experience so much of Belize in a very short time with a great group of people. It speaks volumes for the quality of a vacation/company when several of the guests on our trip were repeat visitors. It was the fourth trip with IE for four of the guests.

Our Belizean guides JC, Venancio, Capi, Pedro and our North American host, Addie, were wonderful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic ambassadors of this spectacular, diverse little country!
Thank you Island Expeditions for an unforgettable experience!
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Ontario, Canada
What were the highlights of the trip?
3 days on the Moho River
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Do it! It's an unforgettable experience!
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Kayaking the Moho River, Belize
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