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Susan Dowell

I was very impressed with I.E. & their guides/staff for several reasons.
I am on a severely restricted diet due to food allergies & they were all able to feed me well & safely. The time & energy put into this undertaking was phenomenal & I truly appreciated this personalized care. Being able to do this kind of foreign adventure travel is now available to me!
I was very impressed with how very well the guides attended to the needs of non-swimmers/ non-paddlers in our group on the very high Mojo River. Truly professional care!
I loved going into the homes in Pedro's village. The people there felt truly glad to see us & were very welcoming, wanting to interact with us. Having Pedro on the river with us sharing his traditional knowledge of the Mayan plants/ life was a wonderful plus. He was the very best!!!!
I highly recommend I.E. to anyone looking for this kind of adventure.
Thank you!
Trip date (YYYY-MM)
Where are you from?
Parson, BC Canada
What were the highlights of the trip?
Moho River
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Go & do it! You will be safely & truly looked after.
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