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You'll be the first to hear about trip discounts, flight deals, and special itineraries to Belize! We'll stay in touch over email (don't worry, we won't go overboard). Alongside email, keep up with us by checking out the Island Expeditions blog, Notes from the Field.

Short of travelling with us to Belize, the best way to gain an understanding of what we do on our trips is to keep up with us on social media! We regularly share photos from past guests on Instagram. Engaging with our Facebook page is a great way to stay up to date on flight deals and special departures, and our YouTube page features some fantastic synopses of our trips.

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Belize: September the Month of Celebration


September is a month filled with holidays and celebrations in Belize.  Festivities commemorate the Battle of St George Caye on September 10 and Independence Day on September 21.  The people of Belize celebrate this month carnival style w

Epic Belize - Sharing Your Travel Stories


We wanted to share some favourite memories from our guests who joined us on the Epic Belize trip from last season. 

Glover’s Reef, Belize In Photos


Enjoy these images and insights from Glover's Reef Basecamp captured and shared on Instagram