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You'll be the first to hear about trip discounts, flight deals, and special itineraries to Belize! We'll stay in touch over email (don't worry, we won't go overboard). Alongside email, keep up with us by checking out the Island Expeditions blog, Notes from the Field.

Short of travelling with us to Belize, the best way to gain an understanding of what we do on our trips is to keep up with us on social media! We regularly share photos from past guests on Instagram. Engaging with our Facebook page is a great way to stay up to date on flight deals and special departures, and our YouTube page features some fantastic synopses of our trips.

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Belize Vacation Planning: Multigenerational Travel Tips


Many of our past guests would agree that some of the best family memories are formed from multigenerational vacations, shared with grandparents, siblings, children and extended family.  

The Government of Belize Commit to Protecting the Maya Forest Corridor


In June, a group of conservation organizations issued a joint statement to congratulate the decision by the Government of Belize to enact legislation to protect the Maya Forest Corridor. 

Belize Instagram Recap - Photos from our 2018/19 Belize Trip Season


We love to see our guests out there sharing their moments and memories of Belize. We wanted to share a few of our favourite guest Instagram photos of the past season.