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Travel Agents, Book a Trip with Island Expeditions in 3 Easy Steps!

To ensure you have a better understanding of the process in which to contact us and book a trip, we have outlined the steps involved.

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The schedule for booking a trip is as follows:


  • Call 1-800-667-1630 or email info@islandexpeditions.com to discuss with an Island Expeditions' representative which trip is best suited for your client. We will confirm availability on their preferred departure, or help direct you to another departure which may be more applicable.
  • We will work with you to make sure your client's international flight arrangements are organized for the proper arrival and departure dates, in conjuction with their trip. Please check our flights page to ensure you are finding flights in the appropriate price range, or contact our office and we can provide advice from our long experience.
  • A great place to start research is https://www.google.ca/flights/ as a starting point, but we encourage people to book their flights directly with the airlines.  Of course, if you have relationships with consolidators and can search flights, please do.  
  • If your guests plan extra travel in Belize, either before or after their trip with Island Expeditions. Let us know and we will be happy to provide you with some suggestions.


Download our Trip Registration Form for Travel agents, print it off and fill it out with your client.   

Fax the completed form to 1-604-894-2314, or scan and email it to info@islandexpeditions.com 


Please make sure to encourage your clients to purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance within 48 hours of putting down their deposit for registration.  

Reservation Process Upon Registration:

We will be in contact shortly after you submit your fax trip registration form to our office.

  • WITHIN 48 HRS - Upon receipt of your client's $200 deposit and a completed Belize Trip Registration Form, we will confirm your arrangements via email. Included in your client's trip confirmation will be a link to your Pre-Trip Information Package - complete with background information on their destination, articles on wildlife, ecology etc., as well as what to bring and how to pack. Also included in the confirmation email will be a link to your client's Medical Information Form and Release of Liability Waiver which they will need to complete, sign, and return to our office at least 30 days before they depart. To better facilitate last-minute bookings and groups with multiple addresses, we also have an online version of our Pre-Trip Information Package, behind the "Planning & Packing" section of this site.  Please let our reservation's office if you require a copy of your client's Medical Form & Laibility Waiver
  • 40 DAYS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE - Your client's Medical Information Form and Release of Liability Waiver are due to be completed and submitted to our office.
  • 60 DAYS or 90 DAYS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE - Full payment is due 60 or 90 days prior to departure. When reserving a place on a trip within 60 days of departure, final payment is due 7 days after you receive your Trip Confirmation email.
  • TWO to THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE - You will receive final trip rendezvous details for your client by email.
  • ONE WEEK PRIOR TO DEPARTURE - We will contact you by phone to go over any last minute details, answer any questions you and your clients might have, and to ensure your clients are comfortable with all of the arrangements.

The Guest Experience staff in our sales and administration office is available to you as a resource for any questions regarding Belize. We do send you the link to our comprehensive Pre-Trip Information Package, outlining your arrival logistics, packing list, and other relevant information for your client however, there are always questions that need to be answered so please feel free to contact us at anytime!

  • Consumer Protection Information for our Valued Customers - Please be aware that some US banks have begun charging Credit Card holders a 'Foreign Transaction Fee'.  Although no currency conversion takes place during your transaction(s) with IE, please be sure to check your credit card statements.  This recent development does not happen with all credit cards.  This surcharge, although initially appearing small, translates into a larger fee on group bookings or larger packages and on final trip payments.   Although IE has no jurisdiction regarding these fees and how they are implemented , we feel it is important that our customers are aware of the fine print on their credit cards before selecting which card to use in the payment process.  Please contact your financial institution to see if this new fee applies to whichever card you intend to use on your authorization/registration form. 
    We are specifically aware that these charges appear when customers use some of the low or no fee credit cards from the following banks - Associated Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, and Fidelity Investments.   In some cases these charges are deceptively displayed on the statement as paid directly to Island Expeditions Ltd. 
    Please contact us directly if you would like to report a card, make alternative payment arrangements, or if you have any questions.

Office Resources

To begin the process, all you need do is call and talk with an Island Expeditions' travel representative and you are on your way to a world of adventure. 

The following resources are available to help you choose your trip and ensure you are properly prepared for your vacation in Belize:

  • Reservation staff that have first-hand knowledge of IE trips and all aspects of travel in Belize.
  • Special online resources to ensure you are getting the absolute best airfares to Belize from any major city in North America.
  • Detailed trip itineraries describing the day-by-day activities and accommodations on each trip.
  • Assistance and advice from our experienced reservation staff for planning independent travel before or after the IE trip.