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Weather in the Tropics

The climate of Belize is sub-tropical. Temperatures range from 20 to 40 degrees Celsius (70 - 105 F) with high humidity during the day, dropping at night to 20 to 27 C (70 to 80 F).

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From November to June conditions are usually clear, sunny, and warm. However, November and December are generally cooler and moister. Although this is known locally as the dry season, there can be an infrequent "Northerly" which blows down from the Gulf of Mexico, bringing along with it cooler temperatures and some rain - these systems rarely last more than a few days. For those traveling at the beginning of the dry season (Nov & Dec), make sure you bring a rain-jacket, hat, and some warmer clothing. 

July through October can also be a great time to travel. It is considered a shoulder season but this is because most people tend to enjoy spring and summer in their home region and travel to hotter destinations during the winter months. At this time of year we begin to see a shift in the trade winds to a more consistent South Westerly, and with it comes an increase in squalls that can also bring rain. Rains are usually intermittent and can last up to a few hours at a time. Inland conditions can change quickly with afternoon thunderstorms and heavy rainfall common in some parts of the country. 

Our traveling philosophy is "All Weather is Good Weather" since we can't do anything to change it!  Trip schedules may need to be adjusted to compensate for inclement weather.


Yes, they do exist!  Weather, wind conditions, and proximity to the previous rainy season affect the concentrations of biting insects found on both the cayes and the mainland.   

The most effective form of precautions are clothing to cover up and a good deet-based repellent.  For insect repellent you should look for something with 20%+ deet content for optimal protection.  Deep Woods or Ben’s Insect Repellent are good options.  The more natural citronella repellents are not as effective.  Coconut oil can also be applied to the feet and ankles for protection against sand-flies. Lightweight long pants, socks, and a light long sleeve shirt will help when in camp if the bugs are out. Quick-dry fabrics work very well in these instances.  If you are extremely susceptible to bugs you should consider a bug-shirt and/or pants which are available at outdoor stores.  This clothing is designed to allow maximum ventilation while protecting against bugs.