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Trip Conditioning for your Belize Trip

If you are concerned about your strength and physical conditioning the following exercises are recommended:

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It is good to begin exercises a minimum of two weeks before your scheduled departure.  To facilitate paddling, the following is a list of exercises for wrist, arm, and upper body strength.

  • Sit-ups: 5 to 20 per session - 1-3 times daily 
  • Push-ups: (min. of 10 per session - 1-3 times per day)
  • Wrist-curls: 2-3 per session - 1-3 times per day.  To perform: take a 2 ft. long rounded baton (a stick, dowel or cut-off broom handle will do), attach a length of sturdy rope (measuring 2-3 ft.) in the middle of the baton, to this tie a light weight bag filled with sand or a rock (approx. 2lbs) to the end of the rope.  Grasp baton with both hands on either side of rope, straight out from your body, and wind the weight up and down, turning the baton alternately in one hand and the other, until the rope is wound around the baton and then unwound
  • To improve your snorkeling ability, some time at a swimming pool is encouraged.  Practice swimming, not only lengths, but also legs-only.  Furthermore, it is important to try out your snorkeling equipment in the pool to ensure comfort if you have not used the equipment before.

Here is a great video that shows some techniques you can use to condition yourself for a paddling trip: