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Traveling with a CPAP Machine

Most mainland accommodations in Belize will have 110V power in the rooms. We do not have power in our tent cabanas at our camps. If you are staying with us at Glover's or Lighthouse Reef Basecamps you will need to make arrangements with us in advance for an overnight power source to supply your CPAP machine.

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In our camps we can supply you with a 12 volt car style battery with standard terminal poles.  Check your machines power supply for the technical specifications and the required voltage. Most CPAP machines operate in the 2 to 5 Amp range, or require at least 100W-200W capacity.  If your system is not 12V you will need to bring an inverter to switch the current from 12V to 110V. These inverters range in price from $25 to $60 and vary in capacity.  You will need to make sure you have the appropriate connections to attach your power supply to these 12V terminals using alligator clips. 

During the trip, as needed, we will connect the battery to our solar array and charge it back up for the next evening. Your guides and camp manager will work with you once on island.

Click here for an example of an inverter on Amazon

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