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Planning & Packing for Belize

Packing for your Glover's Getaway & Kayak Rental Combo

Essential Information that you need to review prior to your departure

Essential Information that you need to review prior to your departure

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The objective of packing for a sea kayak trip is to have all equipment in small, narrow, waterproof bags. THE SMALLER YOUR BAGS THE EASIER IT WILL PACK IN YOUR KAYAK.  With this in mind it is best to keep your personal gear to a minimum. All your clothing and personal gear should fit into your dry bags with the exception of perhaps your sleeping pad and sleeping bag/blanket.  You may want to consider bringing a small 5 liter waterproof bag to put items in that you want close at hand while on the water such as a camera or snacks.

Packing List

Rent from us or Bring Your Own

  • Lightweight camping tent
  • Dry bags (10L & 20L are best)
  • Sleeping pad
  • Cooking gear: camp stove, pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, cooking & eating utensils.  (Our stoves are either MSR Whisperlites or Trangia Cooksets.)
  • 20 liter waterproof bags/person for each rental kayak
  • Mask, fins, snorkel. Please click here for more information on snorkel gear

Personal Camp Gear

  • extra duffel and/or storage bags to pack your food and gear in for transport out to Cayes
  • light weight blanket & cotton sheet or a light weight sleeping bag (preferably not down). 55F (12C) at worst, upper 60’s and 70’s (20-25C) more often. 
  • marine charts or map that shows the positions of the Cayes. This is important!
  • Compass
  • 1 headlamp and spare batteries
  • 1 nylon sleeping bag size stuff sac (don't need if you already have one with your sleeping bag)
  • tarp & rope/bungee cords 
  • lighter(s), waterproof matches

Personal Equipment

  • 1 Liter water bottle
  • 1-2 Beach/Bath TOWELS
  • Personal toiletries
  • Sunscreen - Please click here for more information on biodegradable reef-friendly sunblock & soap.  We do highly recommend the use of environmental products if you are certain the product does work for you
  • Biodegradable soap - Please click here for more information on biodegradable products
  • Small personal First Aid Kit: i.e. Band-Aids, aspirin/Tylenol, scissors, tweezers, safety pins 
  • Vaseline, Aloe Vera lotion, or skin care cream
  • Caladryl/After Bite/Benadryl Cream or lotion to ease itching from bug bites
  • Insect repellent (20 - 100% Deet)
  • toilet paper
  • 2 to 3 large plastic bags - serves as extra waterproofing protection, keeps wet gear separate and to pack out trash.  


  • Wide brimmed sunhat or lightweight baseball cap
  • Sunglasses with band (chums, croakies, etc)
  • Bandanas, buffs or other facial sun protection
  • 3 short sleeved shirts, quick dry preferable
  • 1-2 long sleeved shirts (collared shirts provide even more sun/bug protection)
  • Good quality rain jacket
  • Fleece jacket or warm sweater
  • Polypropylene or other thermal long sleeves (tops & bottoms) for insulation while snorkeling
  • 1-2 pair lightweight quick dry long pants
  • 2 pairs nylon (or other quick dry) shorts
  • Sarong
  • 1-2 bathing suits
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Wetsuit (not necessary for everyone, but water temperatures can be cold.
  • Water Shoes – Teva’s, Keens are a few brands to consider.
  • Optional Packing List
  • Handy Wipe moist tissues for hands and face and/or waterless bacterial cleanser
  • Fishing rod and tackle 
  • 1 pair light cotton gloves/bike gloves (for protection from the sun/blisters when paddling)
  • Waterproof watch
  • Anti-Nausea medication if susceptible to motion sickness