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General Notes on Travel in Belize

Exploring the Rainforest and traveling along the reefs of Belize by sea kayak and down Rainforest Rivers are exciting events and the experiences and insights gained are unique.

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It is important to remember that when traveling in Belize, our day-by-day life is determined by the weather and/or the water conditions we encounter on each trip.

While on the water and hiking in the rainforest it is necessary to shield yourself from the sun.  A sunhat, sunglasses, bandana, and waterproof sunscreen should always be close at hand.  Sunglasses should be of good quality to protect your eyes from UV rays and a safety band (e.g. Croakies) are also recommended to prevent them from being lost.

NOTE: You are undertaking an adventure vacation in Central America and will be traveling in remote regions.  Rain and storms may be encountered at any time of the year.  During your trip, the itinerary may need to be adjusted to accommodate special guest arrangements because of late transportation, adverse weather, or any other circumstance frequently encountered when traveling outside of North America.  Trip leaders are authorized to change or cancel any activity for safety reasons.

Taking the Bus in Belize

The public bus system in Belize is used by many locals and is quite reliable.  There are buses available throughout the day between most locations in the country.  Bus schedules are not easily available online though, so we suggest downloading the "Bus Time Belize" app on iOS or the "Belize Bus" app on Android.