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Electricity, Internet, Cell Phones, & Devices

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to your specific school program policy regarding rules on student phone and internet usage. Any questions regarding device usage policies for your school trip should be directed to your Trip Leader.

Belize has the same 110V electrical current and two prong sockets as North America - there is no need for an adapter.  

While on our Basecamp trips (Lighthouse Reef, Glover's Reef & Billy Hawk Caye) there are solar and small fuel generators on the cayes which provide 110VAC power in the common areas for several hours each evening.  Charging locations are in place for low drain power applications, typically for charging batteries. 

At our lodges (Bocawina Rainforest Resort & Tobacco Caye Paradise), we have 110VAC power available all day long. 

Please note that the environment in Belize, with increased humidity, heat, and sand, can be harmful to electrical devices so be sure to have protective cases with you.  Also, when traveling anywhere abroad, please be sure to take extra measures to keep your devices safe and close at hand. 

We encourage our guests to leave expensive cell phones, tablets, and other devices at home whenever possible and to take a 'technology break' or limit yourself and your group to just one device.  We do recognize that some devices are quite handy to have with you while traveling. If you opt to bring along your cell phone then please be sure to connect with your service provider as to any extra charges you may incur while traveling internationally. 

Electronic equipment or documents should always be weatherproofed. A simple technique is to store them in a zip-lock bag and/or plastic bag which is tied before it is put into a dry bag. Always have double waterproofing for documents, electronics or valuables that may be damaged by immersion.   

Also, please keep in mind that you are traveling to a developing part of the world.  Most Belizeans cannot afford these conveniences and you should consider the devices a temptation to locals.  If you do decide to travel with them, please do not leave them in luggage you store and be sure to keep them out of sight when not in use, including in your hotel rooms or tent Cabanas.   

Island Expeditions will not be held responsible for loss, theft or damage of such devices you store with us, or while you are traveling with us whatsoever.  It is the responsibility of all trip participants to adequately protect and weatherproof their documents, electronics and valuables for the duration of their travels; Island Expeditions will not be held responsible for any damages incurred due to water and weather conditions and all other factors. 

Cellular with Data Service is available in many parts of Belize.  Service is less reliable as you head offshore and in many of the more remote inland areas you will find cell service becomes less available. Accessing these services while roaming becomes very expensive. Some businesses will provide WiFi service.  Below is cellular and internet information for some of the lodges you may stay at while on an Island Expeditions excursion:


Belize BZE airport - pay wireless internet access

Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel  - pay wireless internet access (free if you are staying there).  There are two pay PC stations and a printer for internet access, boarding pass printouts, etc.

Birdseye View Lodge  - WiFi and cellular service 
Bocawina Rainforest Eco-Resort  - limited WiFi and limited cellular service 
Hopkins Village - Wifi and cellular service 
IE Operations Base in Dangriga  - free WiFi as well as the normal cellular service

Lodge at Big Falls  - cellular service and WiFi in lodge building 
Placencia Village - Wifi and cellular service  
Tropical Education Center  - cellular service and WiFi in lodge building 
Chaa Creek Macal River Camp - no WiFi or cellular service in camp


South Water Caye  - limited internet access and limited cellular service

Tobacco Caye - limited cellular service and intermittant WiFi

Glover’s Reef and Lighthouse Reef Basecamps  - no internet or cell service 
Billy Hawk Caye - no internet or cell service