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Personal Spending Money

1 US $ = 2 BZE $ US cash is accepted everywhere in Belize at a rate of 1 to 2.

The amount of personal spending money you bring will largely depend on your own needs and if your school trip allows for personal spending. 

The opportunity to purchase souvenirs, a cold drink, or a wayside snack may exist during your trip - this is something your Trip Leader will have specific details on.  If your trip has a Moho River element, you may also have an opportunity to purchase village-made crafts and having small denomination US bills will enable you to participate. 

If your school does allow personal spending money then we recommend you bring a combination of US cash - a few $50's with the majority in small denominations such as $20's, $10's, $5's, and a few $1’s. We also strongly recommend you separate your cash so you are not carrying it all in the same place. 

Visa and MasterCard are taken in some establishments in major centers such as Belize City however; a 5% service charge to use them may apply. 

Cash advances can usually be made on Visa and MasterCard at local banks or bank machines.  Also, drawing money from an ATM should not be depended on as part of your budget plan but they can be used if emergency funds are needed.  Bank machines are becoming more and more frequent in the cities and towns of Belize. 

For those exiting Belize overland there is a departure tax of approximately $20US applicable to tourists 12 years and older at all land borders and this fee is not included in the trip cost.